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www.bahamabreezesurvey.com is the official Bahama Breeze survey. Here you can anything about your dining experience and expect your voice to be heard. The management of Bahama Breeze takes your feedback seriously as they are always trying to shape the restaurant experience as per the needs of the customers. Through the Bahamabreezesurvey you can also get an opportunity to win $1,000.

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About Bahama Breeze:

If you are into Caribbean style food, you can’t miss what Bahama Breeze has to offer. It’s a chain of American Restaurant specialising in Caribbean delicacies. With its typical Caribbean food, carefully prepared tropical drinks, the environment, the services of the staff, Bahama Breeze makes you feel like in the Caribbean. The restaurant chain also has a famous Bahamabreeze survey, which can help you win $1,000 through a lucky draw. Below are the details.

How To Win $1,000 In Bahama Breeze Survey www.bahamabreezesurvey.com



You will require the following:

  1. A working computer and Internet connection.
  2. Receipt of your recent visit to Bahama Breeze.
  3. Ability to understand English or Spanish.
  4. Details like store ID code, etc. – to be found on the receipt.
  5. An ability to recall your last experience.
  6. Javascript enabled web browser.
  7. You must be 18 or older to take part in the survey


  1. Visit www.bahamabreezesurvey.com
  2. Select the language.
  3. Enter the 12-digit ID code, and click Enter.
  4. The survey can’t be started without the info above.
  5. The survey consists of 10 – 15 small questions.
  6. Try to answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  7. You can also skip questions but that is not recommended.
  8. Upon completing the survey you will be entered in the lucky draw to win $1,000 or one of 100 $50 prizes.
  9. The ID code can be redeemed within 30 days.

Useful Links:

Bahama Breeze survey URL: www.bahamabreezesurvey.com
Bahama Breeze website: www.bahamabreeze.com
Bahamabreeze survey rules: https://www.bahamabreezesurvey.com/PContent.aspx?Page=Rules


www.bahamabreezesurvey.com let’s everyone be a winner. The restaurant chain collects valuable customer information through the Bahama Breeze survey while the customers get a chance to win $1,000 or one of 100 $50 prizes. Bahama Breeze Receipt is all you need to enter the survey and win!

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