www.houstonisd.org/yourvoice | Houston’s Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

Houston’s Survey can be found at www.houstonisd.org/yourvoice. HISD cares about every kid in town but do you have any complaints or suggestions for them? This survey allows you to send them your feedback related to anything you like, it can be an idea, suggestion, complaint or whatever. This helps the organization to be stronger for … Read morewww.houstonisd.org/yourvoice | Houston’s Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

www.metrosurvey.ca | Metro Inc. Survey – Win $1,000 in Free Groceries

The Metro Inc Survey at www.metrosurvey.ca is more than just a customer survey. It gives customers a chance to win $1,000 in free groceries. Imagine free groceries for a year? Isn’t that amazing? All you have to do is take the survey and help the company with your honest and candid feedback. The survey won’t take more … Read morewww.metrosurvey.ca | Metro Inc. Survey – Win $1,000 in Free Groceries

www.surveysdm.com | Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. Survey – Win $1,000

The Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. survey welcomes its customers to www.surveysdm.com. A place where you can give your honest and candid feedback about the store and get a chance to win $1,000. The survey consists of a few simple questions and will hardly take 5 minutes to complete. Shoppers Drug Mart Corp cares about every customer’s feedback … Read morewww.surveysdm.com | Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. Survey – Win $1,000

www.nandosurvey.ca | Nandos Survey – Win $100 Gift Card

Nandos survey at www.nandosurvey.ca is the place where the management of Nandos is looking forward to hearing from their customers. At the end of the survey, customers also get a chance to win a $100 gift card from Nandos. We advise our readers to stay honest and candid throughout the feedback as your opinion really counts a … Read morewww.nandosurvey.ca | Nandos Survey – Win $100 Gift Card

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