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The Taco Bueno Survey at www.buenosurvey.com was put out just to gather quick feedback from the customers. As we know that the customer is always right, this survey analyses your feedback for making your experience at taco Bueno best while giving you a golden chance of winning a surprise gift at the end of the taco bueno survey. The Taco Bueno survey will only take few minutes as it only consists of few quick questions. Now, what are you waiting for? Just visit the survey website and take the buenosurvey.

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About Taco Bueno:

Winning the heart of foodies since 1967, this food chain has been picture perfect when it comes to providing fresh and good meal. Taco Bueno is just not another fast-casual restaurant as it specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine which is everyone’s all-time favorite.

Taco Bueno is located in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri. Operating more than 175 restaurants in these states, Taco Bueno is majority’s choice.

How To Win a Surprise Gift In Taco Bueno Survey www.buenosurvey.com


You will require the following:

  1. Computer or smartphone with an Internet connection to access buenosurvey com
  2. Your recent receipt of Taco Bueno.
  3. Ability to recall your last experience.
  4. Ability to read and write English.


  1. Visit www.buenosurvey.com
  2. Click Next.
  3. Make sure to answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  4. At the end of the survey, you may be asked for your contact information for contest drawing.

Useful Links:

Taco Bueno survey URL: www.buenosurvey.com
Taco Bueno website: tacobueno.com


The Marie Callender’s Survey www.buenosurvey.com lets everyone to be a winner. Your opinion matters a lot as buenosurvey com is up for tweaking every single problem so that your experience goes worth remembering. This quick survey helps the chain to grow better and better while giving everyone a chance to win an exciting surprise gift.

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  1. Hello, we just left the location at 151st & Memorial, they need help!!! We waited in line at the drive thru for an hour yes an hour. This is not exaggerated… We called inside to find out why the wait was taking so long and got told that they were short handed and had big orders! So we watched as we are not going any where in the drive thru, and 3 cars ahead of us got a wholelottabox. We said that is not a big order, next car another wholelottabox, again not a big order. Next car in line was handed a sack of food which was handed back to the drive thru person. I know health department laws and that sack of food once it leaves the window should never go back in the window. We watched as the person in front of us put the bag of food in the passenger seat and proceed to open and dig through it, not knowing if the bag of food that went back in the window was ours or not, point being it was touched by the person in the car. We drove off! I will try again but not any time soon!!! PLEASE GET THE HELP THEY NEED OR A DIFFERENT MANAGER…..THEY DID’NT EVEN KNOW CORPORATES PHONE NUMBER OR A FRANCHISE NUMBER.

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