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Jack In The Box is inviting customers to take part in the www.jacklistens.com Customer Satisfaction survey. The survey allows customers to give their feedback to Jack In The Box letting them know what their experience was when they visit a Jack In The Box store.

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About Jack In The Box www.jacklistens.com Survey

With more than 2,200 Quick Serve outlets across 21 states, Jack In The Box is unarguably one of the largest hamburger chain stores across the USA. Serving up delicious burgers with tantalizing names such as the Jumbo Jack  and the Ultimate Cheeseburger, Jack In The Box wants to make sure all customers are satiated and happy with their food, service and amenities. The JackListens.com survey is the perfect way to find out what their customers like and don’t like. Customers can rate their experience and help JackListens provide a better service and quality of food to their customers.

How To Get 2 Free Taco’s In The www.jacklistens.com Survey


You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A recent Jack In The Box store receipt.
3. A pen or pencil to write down the validation code for 2 free taco’s.
4. Complete the survey within 3 days of your Jack In The Box purchase.


1. Go to the www.jacklistens.com website. Select English or Spanish as your preferred language.
2. Enter the 14 digit code printed on your store receipt.
3. Enter the Jack In The Box survey.
4. Answer all of the survey questions, rating each one and giving additional information in the spaces provided if you so wish.
5. On completion, you will be shown a validation code. You can write this code down on your store receipt or screenshot it with your mobile device.
6. Take the validation code to the counter on your next visit to Jack In The Box and you will receive two free Taco’s.

Useful links:

Jack In The Box website: www.jackinthebox.com
Jack In The Box survey website: www.jacklistens.com
Jack In The Box survey privacy policy: https://www.inmoment.com/privacy-policy/


The www.jacklistens.com Customer Satisfaction survey allows customers to let Jack In The Box know how they can improve their services or if they want to give a shout out to a particular staff member and let them know they have done a great job. The survey is the ideal way for customers to express their opinions and also gives them the chance to grab 2 free Jack In The Box taco’s.

Rate Your Experience With The Jack In The Box survey. Leave Your Comments Below

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  1. recently visited jack in the box on bell road & 19 ave. And found the manager to be clearly upset about something. I do have an E.B.T. card and tried to order breakfast. She the “Manager” had given me and my good friend a really dirty look from head to toe!!! And with out running our card said “no working” we left and returned later for lunch and AGAIN dirty look and again with out trying to run card said “no working ” she was very rude!!!

  2. Mrs Mary Payne says:

    Why are the following value items no longer available in my local store at Grove Green, Maidstone?
    Cream crackers
    Concentrated fabric conditioner
    Biological concentrated laundry liquid
    Cream cleanser.
    Is it the policy to remove these value items from high turnover stores? If so I am very unhappy!

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