www.myzaxbysvisit.com | Zaxby’s Win $1000 Cash

www.myzaxbysvisit.com | Zaxby’s Win $1000 Cash

Zaxby’s is offering customers the chance to give their feedback in the www.myzaxbysvisit.com Guest Satisfaction survey. The survey is for customers who wish to let Zaxby’s know about their recent visit to one of their restaurants. Feedback given can be either positive or negative and the type of feedback given does not affect whether you win the $1000 cash prize or not.

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It happens numerous times that when you visit a restaurant, you aren’t satisfied with the quality of service provided to you despite the fact that you actually love the taste or vice versa. The service provided to you might be really slow or you are not given proper customer care that you always deserve as a loyal customer. Furthermore, you might have got some suggestions and opinions that would aid the company. This is where www.myzaxbysvisit.com survey steps in, this survey just take a couple of minutes out of your time and give you the opportunity for providing valuable feedback in order to enhance customer experience at Zaxby’s. Similarly, if everything from the food to the services offered to you and even cleanliness is worth applauding you just feel like appreciating all of it, just fire up the link.

You might be wondering that why Zaxby’s survey is important for both the customers and the company, right? Well, the survey allows customers to provide their opinion on what they like and didn’t like about their recent visit to Zaxby’s. No matter how was their experience at Zaxby’s, this survey allows them to submit it. The survey results are used to improve Zaxby’s products, sales service, and store atmosphere. Furthermore, through this survey, the customers are directly linked with the company’s management department. Customer satisfaction survey created by Zaxby’s allows the customer to give their feedback as every customers’ opinion matters. Zaxby’s isn’t just like any other brand, they believe that no matter what customer suggests it should be prioritized. This survey helps Zaxby’s to analyze your feedback to improve itself on the whole so that your next experience is worth remembering.

Here at Zaxby’s, every single customer is like a family member whose say is worth in the circle. Zaxby’s takes every customer’s perspective into consideration as they want to make all consumers feel at home. No matter what you want to say, Zaxby’s is here to listen to make a difference. Customer satisfaction survey makes it easy for Zaxby’s to actually bring out customer’s opinion that what they actually want or not. Furthermore, from suggestions to complaints, Zaxby’s gets exposure to every single thing which makes it easy for them to bring the needed changes. After recording everyone’s feedback, Zaxby’s starts bringing the required changes to make the customer experience better. This leads to loyal customers as everyone knows that the company isn’t running just another business but also valuing their consumer’s say. Zaxby’s wants you to turn in your precious feedback so they could analyze it properly and fix the problems.

Zaxby’s wants you to take the survey and make it better every single day so that customers can have a one-stop-shop solution they could trust. Just like other customer satisfaction survey, Zaxby’s survey includes different questions that you have to answer. Questions are mostly related to your experience while shopping in Zaxby’s and suggestions for making the company better. Specifically, you will be asked about the staff, service, product availability, item variety, quality of goods, store maintenance and pretty much anything that is revolving around your in-store experience. Read every question thoroughly as a little reading error can make you write an irrelevant answer. Don’t get caught up as questions would be very easy to answer, you just need to read them thoroughly.

Zaxby’s is all ears when it comes to hearing customer’s feedback. Hit the survey link, enter the required details, answer the questions and get a chance to win a $1000 cash prize.

About Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is a family-style restaurant serving up a delicious variety of good food. Choices and favorites include the Chicken Finger Plate and the Wings & Things. Team this up with a Dr Pepper and it’s sure to satisfy even the meanest appetite. Zaxby’s wants to hear customers suggestions and ideas about how to improve their restaurants and keep their customers coming back. The Zaxby’s survey lets people express their opinions and gives them the opportunity to win $1000 cash.

How To Win www.myzaxbysvisit.com $1000 Cash

Zaxby’s www.myzaxbysvisit.com Win $1000 Survey

You will need:

1. A computer or smartphone with an internet access.
2. A Zaxby’s restaurant receipt.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. An email address.
5. You must have the ability to recall your last experience at Zaxby’s restaurant.
6. You must be able to understand plain English.
7. You must be able to write your feedback in simple English so the reader is able to understand.
8. Javascript enabled web browser to render the page.
9. A few minutes to complete this survey.
10. Basic information like Time of Visit, Amount of Purchase, Survey Entry Code, Name, Phone etc.


1. Open the Zaxby’s survey page www.myzaxbysvisit.com on your computer.
2. Enter the time of your visit, the purchase amount and the survey code that is printed on your store receipt.
3. Begin by answering how many people visited Zaxby’s the day you had your meal.
4. Answer the remaining survey questions on a scale of Very satisfied to Not very satisfied.
5. On completion, you may enter the Zaxby’s $1000 sweepstakes by entering your contact details including your email address.

Useful links:

Zaxby’s website: www.zaxbys.com
Zaxby’s survey website: www.myzaxbysvisit.com
Zaxby’s sweepstakes previous winners: http://contestwinners.empathica.com/ContestWinners/


Zaxby’s wants to hear from customers who have dined in their restaurant. The feedback and suggestions offered by customers in the www.myzaxbysvisit.com survey are used to better improve Zaxby’s restaurants and gives the customer the opportunity to win great instant prizes like an Apple iPod or a chance at the $1000 cash sweepstakes.

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