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Sonic Drive-In is welcoming customers who wish to share their recent experience in the www.talktosonic.com Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey. The talktosonic.com survey is conducted online by SMG who distributes the information gathered in the survey to the local store managers. Sonic really cares about what their customers think about their food and customer service skills.

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About Sonic

Sonic Drive-In stores are a national fast food chain with more than 3,500 restaurants across the United States. Think back to your recent visit to Sonic, did you enjoy your delicious burger and fries? How would you like a free Route 44 drink to go with your next meal? Take the Talk To Sonic survey and you will receive a Sonic Coupon for a free drink.

The Sonic Drive-In is more commonly known as Sonic and often written as SONIC. You can find the Sonic outlets in 45 states in the United States and currently, there are more than 3,500 branches of this fast-food restaurant throughout the country. It is ranked 10th in the United States in casual dining and fast-food setups. The company has been in business since the early 1950s but it got incorporated in 1978 in Delaware. The headquarter of Sonic is in Oklahoma City, which also features a fully-fledged restaurant in the adjacent building. Below is a picture of the restaurant.


All Sonic restaurants are operated and owned by Sonic Inc. According to 2016 records, the total revenue made by the company was 100 million dollars with a net profit of 18 million dollars.


The main menu of Sonic consists of French Fries and Hamburgers with sidelines like corn dogs, chili dogs, and delicious onion rings. For breakfast, the Sonic offers mouth-watering toaster sandwiches. The drinks menu include milkshakes, soft drinks and slushes. The customers also have an option to combine various flavors of their favorite drinks and create a unique drink of their own. This is somewhat unique to Sonic as most other fast-food restaurants don’t offer that. Once you’re done with the meal, you can also try their yummylicious deserts like banana split and sundae.


The Drive-In Process & Some Criticism:

On most Sonic Drive-Ins, a customer drives in a covered drive-in setup, orders his food on an intercom and then collects the food from the next counter – all while being seated in his car. The whole process is pretty quick too and there are hardly any long queues at Sonic. Many Sonic restaurants have this patio seating arrangement too.

In 2018, one of the food critics made a claim that Sonic Drive-In restaurants are using light mayonnaise instead of regular mayonnaise and that too without informing their customers. It is still not clear whether this move was simply a mistake and unintentional or something the company was doing intentionally in order to limit the calorie count mentioned on their menus. A petition against this has been created, which wants customers to boycott the Sonic food until more options and clarity are provided to the customers. Until February 2018, this petition had received 12,808 signatures. Whether anything changes or not, we still have to wait and see.

Sonic Beach:

Sonic Beach has the same taste and menu of a regular Sonic Drive-Ins restaurants but in a different way. All Sonic Beach restaurants are located at beach sides and offer an outdoor sitting facility with a flat-screen TV as well. Besides offering a full regular menu, all Sonic Beach restaurants offer other items like popcorn shrimps, pork sandwiches, and Philly cheesesteaks. To match with the beach environment, all Sonic Beach restaurants also offer beer and wine alongside regular drink menu. There are a handful of Sonic Beach restaurants located in Homestead, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Gardens and Lauderhill. The Beach restaurant is a wonderful innovation by the company and it has been doing really well.


Tony. N Smith Sr is the founder of Sonic restaurants. Soon after the word War II ended, he came to his hometown (Oklahoma) and started working as a milkman. He had a choice or delivering milk or break so he chose to deliver bread instead of milk as it is lighter to carry. He purchased a small diner cafe at that time and soon sold it. One of the reasons why he sold the diner was he wanted to open a fast-food restaurant. He had everything planned, and along with a business partner purchased a 5-acre land where he opened his restaurant. Their restaurant was named root beer stand and it was good business. The two business partner later turned the restaurant into a steakhouse. At that time they were selling hamburgers, steaks, hot dogs, root beer and were earning around $700 per week. Smith wanted to expand his business so bought out his partner.

The drive-in idea was originally Smith’s, in fact, he saw a restaurant with a drive-in facility and thought this could be applied to his setup to earn more. He designed the drive-in facility carefully and ordered some jukebox guys to power up the intercom system in the parking lot. Smith managed to triple his sales and the idea worked perfectly for him. This also caught the attention of some of the investors and this was the time when Smith shook hands with franchising. Up until that time, the restaurant used to go by the name of Top Hat, which was already trademarked. In 1959, they changed the name to Sonic. The name Sonic went well with their slogan which was “service with the speed of sound”. Although they started franchising but no formal business plan was made. They would charge a penny extra on each item of Sonic sold at franchises and split the collection in two. No standardized menu, marketing plan, etc was there.

During the 1960 and 1970, the company started taking franchising seriously and formed a division which was responsible for providing equipment, business plans, and operational structures to franchises. During this time, Sonic made phenomenal expansion and their number of drive-ins continued to multiply. In 1967, Peppe (the partner) died. But as they say, the show must go on…Sonic opened more than 100 new drive-ins in 5 years. In 1972, they had a total of 167 outlets and in 1978 there were 1000 branches of Sonic.

In the early 1990s, the company began to explore areas that were previously not so successful. Many new franchises opened under the new leadership of Stephen Lynn as president. With a new president and a revamped marketing and advertising strategy, the business boomed and Sonic became a nationally recognized name.

Sonic also runs a famous customer survey. Before we give you mor information on that, please check this cool video belo…

Sonic www.talktosonic.com Free Drink Survey



Sonic www.talktosonic.com Free Route 44 Drink

You will need:

1. A Sonic Drive-In store receipt no more than 14 days old.
2. A computer and internet access.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Go to the www.talktosonic.com survey website.
2. Enter the ID number that is printed at the bottom of your store receipt.
3. Answer each of the survey questions rating them on a scale relevant to your recent Sonic Drive-In experience.
4. After the survey questions are complete there are some general demographic questions to answer.
5. Once all the questions have been answered satisfactorily a validation code is displayed on your screen.
6. Write this code onto your store receipt and redeem on your next visit for the offer printed on the receipt.

Useful links:

Sonic Drive-In website: www.sonicdrivein.com.
Sonic Route 44 survey: www.talktosonic.com.
Sonic survey rules: https://www.talktosonic.com/DContent.aspx?Page=TermsAndConditions&c=400419.


Sonic Drive-In restaurants are eager to hear from their customers about what they think of the food they serve, the friendliness of their staff and the atmosphere of their venues in the www.talktosonic.com Guest Satisfaction Survey. This survey is specially designed for modern-day customers who are always short on time and have a busy life schedule. You can take the talk to sonic survey from any hand-held device with the internet – whether it is a mobile, tablet or a laptop. The survey is sweet and small and hardly takes a couple of minutes to complete. Throughout the survey, we want our readers to be honest and candid. What you say in the survey is taken very seriously and is very important for the company and the employees working there. The best thing about this survey is that customers can get a free drink at the end of the survey. All you need to have is the recent receipt of Sonic and you can participate in their customer satisfaction survey.

This survey is not only about a free gift but the feedback you provide is analyzed in depth and in greater detail. The data is then used to create customer-friendly policies and long-term goals for the company. As far as the privacy goes, customers don’t have to worry as all your information is kept safe and is not shared with anyone for any purpose whatsoever.

Rate Your Experience With Sonic. Leave Your Comments Below

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68 votes


  1. Sonic is great

  2. Joe Ruminski says:

    I usually get pretty good service and food at Sonic as we travel. I got the survey form from one I often visit. Usually it is pretty good. I visited the restroom first and could almost not get the rusty door open. The floor had bricks and broken tiles on it and the odor was not good nor did it look clean. Our grilled chicken sandwiches came. The chicken was so tough I took it out so I could eat the soggy bun with tomato, llettuce and mayo. I understand they were busy on a Sunday hot evening and I would of requested new sandwiches but the wait staff was complaining about not enough help as it was. So I let it go. I will probably go back and see if if this was just an off day. We all have them. Every body deserves a second chance.

  3. Our sonic here in forest ms needs some improvement..every time I get a milkshake I always ask them if they could make it thick for me…the girl told me tonight that the machine makes the milkshakes on its own… So I said OK.. I said no whip cream .. Well she came out and the shakes were thin as water and filled with whip cream.. Now I took them cause I don’t know what they would have done to my remake.. But my pretzel was good..

  4. I love sonic

  5. I got a TalktoSonic survey on my trip to Sonic today. Unfortunately the ‘carhop’ in the drive thru window wrote all over the ID# and after 3 tries I was locked out of trying to answer the survey. Apparently her name is Leonisha. The store is at 1541 N. 18th St. Monroe, LA 71201.

  6. love it our sonic is great, i go there atleast twice a week

  7. Would not have wasted the time filling out the survey to find out the coupon for a free drink could only be used at the Sonic location where I made the purchase. We were traveling and will not be in that area again. You should be able to use the coupon at any Sonic! You may be hurting your business!

  8. david monte says:

    wouldn’t let me put my code in

  9. The Sonic in Golden Valley, AZ has some really great and friendly people who work there. My orders are always done like I want and they all work hard to get your order out quickly.

  10. You never get a raw deal from Sonic…both the food and the employees are “top dog!”

  11. My number didn’t work. 09210060

  12. Kenny Moreno says:

    couldn’t put in my #

  13. Sarah bond says:

    Love sonic!!

  14. Don Lewis says:

    love SONIC always quick and clean and tastey

  15. I really enjoy Sonic especially since a new Sonic opened in my part of town. However whenever I go to be able to take the survey there is never a ID number on the receipt. Doesn’t matter what time of day I go or what day I go there is just never a ID number. It’s not just the new Sonic either the other two that I might go to on my lunch break or if I’m just in that part of town no longer have a ID number either.

  16. made a credit card purchace, easy as pie fast and friendly service

  17. Fast and friendly service , made a credit card purchace easy as pie

  18. we love our friendly sonic in walnut ridge we go there every day

  19. James Haile says:

    I ordered 2 Caramel Malts and an oreo shake, and order was not repeated back to me. I got 1 malt and 1 oreo shake, so we went rather than wait another 20 minutes. Got home to discover caramel malt was vanilla shake. Prescott Valley AZ sonics, April 13 2017 at 20:08:26.
    Couldn’t fill out the survey wouldn’t accept the ID. won’t be back there for a long time. Check#414289

  20. I am having trouble finding your survey to fill out and get a free Route 44.
    I could not enter the code at the bottom of my receipt. What’s up?

    • Im Glenda S. I did not receive my survey code after doing the survey 🙁

    • Djuana Pierce says:

      I can’t enter my code either

    • Rechelle Lewis says:

      I can cosign to that, there’s a location near me and EVERY TIME I get one, the first or second number is NEVER clear. I am a loyal customer there, several times a week. I’m certain I’m not the only customer with this concern.

  21. Love the Delux Burger!

  22. Sonic is one of my favorite places to go im there everyday… I worked for them 6 years.. I miss it.

  23. Your store is awesome and we love your Frito pie keep up the good work.

  24. I love there food n great service. I go there every day even if it’s only for a drink or desert.

  25. Amador Madrigal says:


  26. Amador Madrigal says:

    the personal in sonic treat me very good the foo and ascream excelent.thanks.

  27. Great food and service. I love the route 44

  28. I love sonic and the employee are great.

  29. i love Sonic and all the food. enjoy going there during happy hour and getting a route 44 drink. the workers are all great and pleasant when delivering my order.

  30. SYLVIA SMITH says:


  31. Fast and friendly services will be back again…..

  32. I love sonic

  33. I love sonic


  35. Bobbie Johnson says:

    The people at Sonic are so nice

  36. Thier drinks an food are delight me an my wife go there alot pple are nice an its ok prices its our #2 place to stop fast an dine out

  37. Jennnifer R says:

    I am absolutely addicted to Sonic’s sweet tea. It is my morning stop 5-6 days a week. The two locations that I go to have the most friendly and outgoing employees. They definitely are a great start to my day. I’m greeted with smiles EVERY morning.

  38. Great fast service.

  39. Peggy Chapman says:

    Love my home Sonic.I stop every morning for a drink. The workers are friendly,always get my food orders right.

  40. It was great

  41. Peggy Chapman says:

    Sonic is my every morning drink stop 7 days a week. I love how friendly and helpful every one that has waited on me. They are fast and efficient and I have never had a problem with a food order. I also love,love,love Sonic ice.


  43. Great service and good food for me who is always on the go. This is the only fast food place that I dine at. Thanks for the service.

  44. Sonic Fan for Sure says:

    I am a faithful Sonic customer, but lately I guess due to turnover or something, they speak so fast and then never hear what you say; I had a correct ticket one day and the wrong order and I was about to back out when I stuck my hand in the sack and stopped! One time pull thru to window and she is hands me the wrong drink … Love my sonic but I think they need to hear what they sound like on a speaker and what a person might sound like and not talk to fast …take the time to make sure correct orders.

  45. I am a loyal Sonic customer, meaning, I eat there at least twice a week and more when getting drinks only. I know the one I call my “home Sonic” has the most polite car hops,
    however since I do come so often most of them know me and have become friends there.
    Now I would like to note that one/two locations where having a hard time will burgers that were cold when I got them and always trouble with putting cheese on burgers not wanted. The orders always taken right (shows on ticket), but from there back to my car, it turns into a cheese burger. Last week one location in town (not mine) had to redo a hamburger 2 times to get it without cheese. I know it’s no biggie, but some of us can’t eat cheese. Otherwise, my #1 drive-in.

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