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Through www.tellgardenfresh.com, the Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Survey, the company tries to find the number of loyal and happy customers. The data collected is also used to analyze the dissatisfied customers and areas where the restaurant can improve further. The www tellgardenfresh com is a small survey, which lets customers win a discount coupon as well.

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About Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes:

When it comes to all you can eat buffet, nothing can beat souplantation and sweets. The first restaurant opened back in 1978 and since then the company has never looked back. Outside California, the restaurant operates under the name of Sweet Tomatoes. Serving freshly made, quality food is their main forte. Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes is also known for their affordable menu.

How To Win a Discount Coupon In Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Survey www.tellgardenfresh.com



You will require the following:

  1. A working computer and Internet connection.
  2. Receipt of your recent visit to tellgardenfresh.
  3. Ability to understand English or Spanish.
  4. Details like survey code, time, date, etc. – to be found on the receipt.
  5. An ability to recall your last experience.
  6. Javascript enabled web browser.
  7. You must be 18 or older to take part in the survey


  1. Visit Jacks Guest Survey at www.tellgardenfresh.com
  2. Enter the details, and click Start.
  3. The souplantation survey can’t be started without the info above.
  4. The survey consists of 10 – 15 small questions.
  5. Try to answer all of the questions to the best of your knowledge.
  6. You can also skip questions but that is not recommended.
  7. Upon completing the survey you will have an opportunity to win a discount coupon.
  8. The ID code can be redeemed within 15 days.

Useful Links:

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Guest Satisfaction Survey Privacy Policy: https://www.tellgardenfresh.com/DContent.aspx?Page=Privacy&c=334522
Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes Website: http://www.souplantation.com/
sweet tomatoes survey URL: www.tellgardenfresh.com


Visit www.tellgardenfresh.com now and help the company frame their overall customer experience as per your feedback and wishes. Other than that, you can also win a discount coupon at the end of the soup plantation survey.

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