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Hardees is proud to offer customers the opportunity to have their voice in the www.tellhardees.com Customer Survey. Think back to your last meal at Hardees and let them know what suggestions you have on how they can improve their food and services. The tellhardees.com survey is set up so that customers have a method of expressing their opinions and ideas.

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About Hardees

Hardees is a famous fast food hamburger chain in the United States best known for it’s Thickburger and Made From Scratch Biscuits. Hardees is right up there with the other fast food giants like McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King and is more popular than ever with it’s much bigger sized burgers. Having more than 3,000 stores nationwide, Hardees is flipping and selling thousands of burgers to their customers each day. Nothing pleases Hardees more than seeing satisfied customers so let them know in the Tell Hardees Gift Card Survey.

Hardees www.tellhardees.com $500 Gift Card Survey


Tell Hardees Win A $500 Gift Card Survey

You will need:

1. A Hardees receipt less than 14 days old.
2. Be a legal resident of the United States.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. A pen or pencil and a postcard (for postal entry).
5. A computer and internet access (for online entry).
6. A daytime phone number (for contact purposes).


To enter online:

1. Go to the survey website at www.tellhardees.com.
2. Tap the screen to start.
3. the next screen shows a list of previous winners and an introduction to the survey, click Next.
4. Select the State in which you visited Hardees. Click next.
5. Select the city. Click next.
6. Select the address of the Hardees restaurant. Click next.
7. Indicate whether your order was Dine-In, Drive-Thru or Carry Out.
8. Enter the date of your Hardees visit.
9. Enter the time of your visit.
10. Enter the Transaction # that is printed on your receipt using the onscreen keypad.
11. Answer each of the survey questions one by one making sure to thoroughly answer each question before proceeding to the next one.
12. Answer some basic demographic questions and then indicate whether you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a $500 Hardees Gift Card.
13. To enter the sweepstakes, submit your personal contact details such as your name and address and telephone number.

To enter via post:

1. Send a 3” x 5” postcard, with the correct postage, and including your full name; complete residential address, date of birth, daytime phone number, including area code; and e-mail address to Hardee’s® Customer Experience Sweepstakes, 100 N. Broadway, Suite 1200, St. Louis, MO 63102.
2. All mail in entries must be received by no later than 11:59 PM (CT) on the last day of the quarter of that sweepstakes to be eligible in a given quarter. Mail in entries received after 11:59 PM (CT) on the last day of a given quarter will be entered into the next quarterly drawing, if there is one.

Useful links:

1. Hardees website: www.hardees.com.
2. Hardees survey website: www.tellhardees.com.
3. Hardees sweepstakes rules: http://stratreflections.shopmetrics.com/getattachment.asp?ID=432082&Password=91592F6BC29B4424B3F0BDED0028556CEF2FF617826B4D5793BEBAEA9E8FECA1.


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Hardees customers are cordially invited to take their chance to win a $500 Hardees gift Card by taking part in the www.tellhardees.com Customer Survey. The survey is located online for convenient access or customers can enter via the post using the instructions indicated above.

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