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Jamba Juice is excited to offer their customers the opportunity to take part in the www.telljamba.com survey and share their experience. Customers who have made a recent purchase will receive an invitation to the telljamba.com survey. Once the survey is completed a validation code will be displayed on the screen which can be redeemed for free or discounted items on your purchase.

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About Jamba Juice

Jamba juice is an international retailer with over 900 outlets all around the world including the US, Canada, Mexico and South Korea. Jamba Juice prides itself on providing healthy eating and drinking options to their customers by using only vitamin rich, high quality ingredients. Jamba Juice is always striving to provide the very best to their customers and relies on the feedback provided in the TellJamba survey to ensure that their customers are always satisfied with their Jamba experience.

How To Get www.telljamba.com Survey Validation Code


You will need:

1. A survey invitation printed on a Jamba Juice recent purchase receipt.
2. A pen or pencil to write down the validation code.
3. A computer or smartphone.
4. Internet access.


1. Go to the www.telljamba.com website using your computer or smartphone.
2. Select your language; either continue with English or select Spanish.
3. Enter the 15 digit survey code printed on the Jamba Juice receipt.
4. Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin.
5. Proceeding through the survey you will be asked a number of questions like; Were you satisfied with the juice? Was the person serving you polite and capable? Was the store clean? With each answer, respond openly and provide the most accurate account of events.
6. After all of the telljamba survey questions have been answered you will see a validation code. You can choose to  screenshot the code or write it down onto the original store receipt.

Useful links:

Jamba Juice survey sweepstakes page: www.telljamba.com
Jamba Juice official website: www.jambajuice.com


The Jamba Juice free validation code offer at www.telljamba.com survey is available to customers who have made a purchase and received an invitation. When customers give their candid feedback in the TellJamba.com survey they give the company valuable insight into how their customers rate them and what they can do to improve their products and services.

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  1. Janice Veltheer says:

    Hello, i have been receiving a few emails from you guys saying i won a 50 dollar card or something, problem is i dont know how to claim it or use it ? also i live in Australia, so can someone please tell me what to do. Ohh Thank you

    • Survey Help says:

      Hi Janice, Thank you for your comment. You would not have received an email from us offering a $50 card to you as we don’t do those sorts of promotions. Most likely you have received Spam or a phishing email. I’m sorry to disappoint you. Survey Help Admin.

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