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Pizza Hut is giving customers the opportunity to receive a 2 for 1 voucher for the time they give taking part in the www.tellpizzahut.co.uk Customer Experience survey. Participants also have the opportunity on completion to win one of 10 chances each month in the £1,000 cash draw.

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This customer satisfaction survey is presented by Pizza Hut for every customer to share their overall thoughts about the company. Pizza Hut is known for serving customers and valuing their opinion since the first branch inaugurated. This survey gives a chance to every customer out there for contributing to the best pizza chain in town. Pizza Hut survey wants to hear your feedback and work on it for making their services and products better than ever.

Pizza Hut survey is here to collect your feedback so they could analyze the problems and fix them real soon. The sole aim of any customer satisfaction feedback is to create a connection between the customers and company. Pizza Hut survey connects the customers with the company so both parties can listen to each other. Furthermore, this two-way communication link allows both the parties to convey their messages easily and efficiently. Furthermore, this link creates a friendly relation between the company and the customers that is beneficial for everyone. So are you ready to attempt the survey now? We don’t think so, follow along and get to know the insights.

This customer satisfaction survey is hosted by Pizza Hut as they want to listen to every customer out there for making your experience better than ever. Here at Pizza Hut, every customer is just like a family member whose perspective matters the most. Pizza Hut wants to know everything from customer’s side, your suggestions, opinion etc. No matter which Pizza Hut branch you visited, they want you to share your experience about how they are doing and what changes should be brought into effect. No matter if your feedback is negative or positive, they just want to know the truth about their services for making everything best and on point. Don’t feel reversed to let the company know where they are lacking as Pizza appreciates it and work hard to improve things.

In the Pizza Hut survey, you’ll have to answer easy questions related to your experience. No questions would be across the boundary of your experience at Pizza Hut. From product quality to services and extra suggestions, the questions will only rotate around what you thought about this pizza chain. Every question would be simple and easy to answer, you just have to read them thoroughly before answering. Furthermore, you’ll also be asked to rate the services from a specific pre-set scale.

The pattern of Pizza Hut survey is pretty straightforward, you don’t have to be a super nerd in order to attempt it. The website is neatly designed by professional developers that aid you to attempt the survey easily and efficiently. Furthermore, snippets are added alongside the survey that helps the user to follow along. Note that this survey isn’t like a typical misleading survey that takes an hour to attempt, Pizza Hut survey is short and just take a few minutes to get done with. Below we’ll look at that type of questions that you’ll encounter in this customer satisfaction feedback.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a major international pizza chain store with outlets all across the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia. Serving up millions of delicious hot pizzas everyday Pizza Hut wants to know what it is their customers like the most? Is it the enormous variety of pizzas on the menu, the desserts and all you can eat buffets? The Tell Pizza hut survey is the best way to give a shout out to that host or hostess who made your night enjoyable or tells them about the excellent quality of the food served and speed of delivery. The tellpizzahut.co.uk survey will take only a few short minutes of your time to complete.

Pizza Hut www.tellpizzahut.co.uk Win £1,000 Cash Survey

Win £1,000 Cash www.tellpizzahut.co.uk Pizza Hut Survey

You will need:

1. A computer or smartphone with an internet access.
2. A store receipt from Pizza Hut.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. Be a resident of the United Kingdom.
5. You must have the ability to recall your last experience at Pizza Hut.
6. Basic information like Email Address, Total Money Spent, Survey Number, Server Name etc. all would be located on the Pizza Hut receipt.
7. You must have the ability to understand and write in plain English.
8. Javascript enabled browser.
9. You should be able to answer the survey questions as per your experience at Pizza Hut.
10. Make sure that your answers shouldn’t reflect any partiality or prejudice. They must be on a neutral ground.


1. Visit the www.tellpizzahut.co.uk survey website.
2. Enter your server name, survey code and the total amount of money you spent on that day.
3. Indicate the type of order you placed. Dine in, take away or home delivery.
4. Enter how many people dined with you on that occasion.
5. Answer the remaining survey questions rating your responses according to your experience.
6. Once you have finished all of the survey questions you will be able to add further information if you require.
7. Enter the monthly £1,000 cash drawn by entering your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Useful links

Pizza Hut website: www.pizzahut.co.uk
Pizza Hut survey website: www.tellpizzahut.co.uk
Pizza Hut survey previous winners: http://contestwinners.empathica.com/ContestWinners/


To enter the Pizza Hut www.tellpizzahut.co.uk customer Experience survey follow the instructions given above but first make sure you meet the entry requirements. Each participant will receive a 2 for 1 discount voucher code that can be redeemed on their next visit to Pizza Hut plus the chance to win £1,000 cash in the monthly draw.

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