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Subway is offering loyal customers a free cookie for taking one minute of their time to complete the www.tellsubway.com survey. The survey is set up to provide Subway with customer feedback about their recent purchase and experience in their stores. You will be asked to recall back to your last visit and answer questions about the food, the service and the cleanliness and layout of the store. The survey is a great medium where you can make your presence felt. It happens numerous times that when you go to restaurants, you are not satisfied with the quality of service provided to you despite the fact that you actually love the taste. The service provided to you might be really slow or you are not given proper customer care that you always deserve as a loyal customer. This is where www.tellsubway.com survey steps in, now you can just take a couple of minutes out of your time and give your valuable feedback in order to enhance your experience the next time you are going to visit Subway. Similarly, if everything from the food to the services offered to you and even cleanliness is worth applauding you just feel like appreciating all of it, just fire up the link. Thanks to the tellsubway survey, which gives you a chance to actually appreciate all that you liked. Just to make it a bit more fun and interesting Subway will also provide you with a free cookie if you complete this survey. Filling out a survey was never this fun, now you can enjoy a free cookie by completing the small survey. This survey is not only beneficial for the customers but also it gives a chance to the Restaurant to identify the areas where they lack and make them better. If by completing such a small survey you know that you can make a difference, which will be beneficial for both the parties why would you not want to do so. And yes do not forget to collect the free cookie after completing the survey!

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About Subway

Subway is a healthier option to the majority of fast food outlets offering tasty salads, freshly baked pieces of bread with delicious fillings including an assortment of cheeses, ham, chicken, tuna, and beef. First opening in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, Subway now can be found in over 30,000 locations worldwide. This is your opportunity to help Subway maintain a healthy product and excellent customer service by giving your candid feedback.

It all began back in 1965 when Fred Deluca asked Peter Buck for $1000 to start a Restaurant, which they would name as “Pete’s Super Submarines.” No one knew at that time that restaurant that started from a single store in Bridgeport, Connecticut is going to be one of the largest food chains of the world as it is today. Subway operates in over 100 countries all around the globe. One year after the formation of Pete’s Super Submarines, both Deluca and Peter formed Doctor’s Associates Inc. with the aim of overseeing the operations of all the restaurants, since the franchise expanded at a rapid pace. You would rather think that Doctor’s Associate Inc. might also be related to some medical organization as the name sounds. But such is not the case this name was derived by Deluca, as he wanted to pay his tuition fee for medical school through this business and Buck already had a doctorate in physics. It was the year 1968 when this Sandwich shop was renamed to Subway.
The Subway fast food chain expanded pretty rapidly, in 1978 the Subway opened its first restaurant on the West Coast in Fresco, California. The fast-food chain went international by opening its first restaurant in Bahrain in the year 1984. Later on, in 1996 Subway stepped in the United Kingdom and opened its first restaurant in Brighton. It was in 2004 when Subway thought of opening stores in Walmart supercenters and in 2007 it easily outnumbered the McDonald’s locations, which were inside the Walmart stores.
2007 is also considered to be a pretty successful year for the Subway chain as it managed to attain number three position on the list of “Top Global Franchises” and number one on the “Fastest Growing Franchise” list. Then came 2010, and this was the year when Subway became the largest food chain in the world in terms of locations. In 2010 Subway restaurant counts went up to 33,749 easily surpassing the restaurant count of McDonald’s, which was previously the largest chain.

Different Products:
When talking about Subway the first thing that comes to your minds is the Sub or the Submarine Sandwich and it is also the specialty of the restaurant. Along with the Submarine Sandwich, the Subway also sells salads, wraps, Paninis. It also sells some baked goods such as cookies, muffins, and doughnuts.
Other food variety that you will get at Subway includes breakfast sandwiches, flatbread, and English muffins. The best selling or the most liked sandwich that the Subway offers is the B.M.T, which we know today as “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest,” but it originally stood for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit.

Region Wise Variations:
Subway has opened its restaurants all around the globe so the one thing that it always keeps in consideration is the variation in the food menu. Subway also operates in countries where there are religious beliefs relating to the meat. So the restaurant is very peculiar about the food menu it serves in these areas. As Subway also operates in India and the major population there is of Hindus and Muslims, therefore it does not serve any pork or beef there.

Nutritional Content At Subway:
Subway always has been very committed to proving healthy food to its customers and that is why it introduced gluten-free brownies and bread in Texas in 2011. Subway also cut down on the salt content of all of its sandwiches by 15 percent in this area. Not only this in Ireland and the United Kingdom the salt content of Subway is cut down to 33 percent. This is not only done because Subway cares about the health and well being of its customers but also because the Government rules restrict the fast-food chain to do so.

Marketing Strategies:
Subway has always been keen on advertising of its products whether the newly launched ones or the old ones. That is it is rated number two after McDonald’s in the biggest fast food advertisers. The new tellsubway survey introduced by the fast-food chain is another example of a spot on marketing strategy. Through this survey, the food chain intends to connect more with the customers and make their food quality and services even better. Simultaneously by giving a free cookie to every customer who completes the survey is another interesting strategy by Subway.

Subway has been around for many years winning the hearts of foodies while exceeding expectations. From providing healthy fast food to shock your taste buds, Subway is all about taking care of customers while providing them with finger licking food. Consistency, passion, dedication and years of hard work has made Subway where it stands in the present.

How To Get A Free Cookie In The www.tellsubway.com Survey


Subway is offering customers a free cookie for completing the www.tellsubway.com one minute survey.

Subway www.tellsubway.com Free Cookie Survey

You will require the following:

1. A Subway store receipt close at hand.
2. A computer with internet access.
3. A pen or pencil.
4. A valid and working email address.


1. Visit www.tellsubway.com on your device.
2. Select your store location.
3. You will then be prompted with the Terms of the website and the Privacy Policy. You will need to acknowledge your understanding of these agreements to continue.
4. Enter the store ID if it hasn’t automatically loaded from your location selector.
5. Then enter the date of your visit that is printed on your receipt.
6. Your survey questions will ask you things like:
a. How likely are you to recommend this SUBWAY® Restaurant to a friend or colleague?
b. How satisfied were you with your overall experience today?
7. You will need to rate these questions on a scale of 1 to 10 being; (10=very satisfied, 0=not at all satisfied).
8. Towards the end you will be asked for your email address where you will be sent the validation code for your free subway cookie.

Useful Links:

1. Official Survey Page: www.tellsubway.com
2. Subway Website: www.subway.com


If you have enjoyed Subway’s mouthwatering fresh bread rolls loaded with lots of healthy fillings and you would like to tell Subways of your experience go to www.tellsubway.com and grab a free cookie.

Rate Your Experience With Subway. Leave Your Comments Below

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46 votes


  1. Server was very courteous.

  2. kathy shrout says:

    Owingsville ky good food good service clean best place in ky

  3. Heather Pruitt says:

    We frequent both sub ways in our town the main one and the one Walmart …Tonight we went to the main one and felt that we were a burrdin the young man working ….We started to order and was never asked if we wanted our sandwiches heated or toasted …I ordered the foot long flat bread bacon and egg breakfast sandwich and my companion ordered the chicken bacon ranch on flat bread … My sandwich is fairly easy to prepare and instead of getting 2full eggs I got one cut in half asked for extra olives …He proceeded to roll sandwich and I had noticed that some of the olives had fallen out while he was wrapping it …I don’t order extra olives just to have them fall out and waste what I had paid for .My companions sandwich was not even warned and when he asked for cucumbers the youngan kinda sneered ….Not even to mention northern of us were asked.if we wanted any thing.else like a drink or chips …Just got rung up and stuffed into bag …No thank you for coming noon smile really nothing came out of. His mouth to indicate that we were even acknowledged​…. Unfortunately when we got home we discovered that my companions sandwich was unable to eat holding it due to the flat head had broken before he even could unwrap… Sorry to say we are not going to visit that one any more


  5. Martin J. Olaharski says:

    I frequent the Subway at 918 Hyatt St. in Gaffney, SC 29341, # 16771-0. It aggravates me that they do NOT participate in the rewards program, but more than that they often short me on the number of slices of turkey on my sandwich. The last time I went there I ordered the carved turkey. The worker, an older gentleman, included on my sandwich the inedible butt end of the turkey roll. There is no excuse for treating customers in this dismissive manner. I shall no longer give my money to an owner that has no concern for his customers. There are many good Subway shops in this country that get a bad reputation just by being associated with this one.

  6. bill koslowski says:

    u r out of line on your milk prices

  7. Mark Davis says:

    The service & food was great but it is not the normal local store we go to. The normal store we go to is great also but I did not have the proper info to change the address and phone number to receive specials for. Hopefully the specials sent to my email would be good for any Subway store.

  8. I tried to get free cookie. Would not accept store number. What a fraud. Will tell all my friends and post on facebook.

  9. the web site suck. i have been on the site for an hour an still can ‘t get to where i want to .all i want is to rate the store and get a free cookie.

  10. Barbara Sellers says:

    I got on the survey and competed it except for the servers number which it was not on the reciept and my e-mail address. I would not let me print it on the site it was asked for so didn’t truly complete but the server was nice and friendly and the sandwich was also very good.

  11. Barbara M Girga says:

    Terrible website. I am so frustrated. Grrrrr….

  12. Barbara M Girga says:

    I am so frustrated with the receipts given..today’s had no store number, etc on it..poor ink? I have tried unsucessfully for weeks to get ONE free cookie; I shop at least 3 times a week at Subway; my husband loves the sandwich and I don’t have to cook. Great arrangement. BUT I want to taste that raspberry cheesecake cookie for FREE.

    I have had trouble at times connecting also with the website. GRRR

  13. Roger Nestle says:

    Good trip, found what I needed at the right quality and price.

  14. none.

  15. E. Zimmeman says:

    I called the 800 survey line. I finished the initial survey and i offered to take the “ihop” additional survey. A MISTAKE!! I was disconnected and did NOT receive the Coupon Code!!! wasted all that time, and when I called back and went “on line” I was thanked for doing the survey and told it was finished. My receipt code from the Ihop is:

    May I exoect a coupon code or voucher from you??

    Thank you.

    E. Zimmerman

  16. I was trying to get my free cookie and can’t get thru. I and my friend go all the time . The people are nice and friendly people there and it is clean and neat.
    The store we were in is #36182-0
    Date was 12/1/2015
    Server was Kayla and very friendly. How do we get points and free coupons.

  17. How the hell can i submit a complaint when it says i put in the wrong cashier id number. I’m not a five year old doing this survey . I know how to read a id number.

  18. I really appreciate how pleasant and nice everyone that work in the store is when it comes to serving some people. Because I know from experiences that you can not satisfy everybody know matter how hard you try. everybody is different ,different aptitude, different ways. but it’s all about respect and watching what comes out your mouth because your words are powerful.

  19. Loyal customer gone…you sent me coupons for a free sub, bogo, used 2 coupons was tickled, go in today and was told could not use the coupon for a “premium” sub. She even tried to use the coupon but the register would NOT let her use it. Now there is NO exculsions on the coupon, just says buy a footlong and a drink get one footlong FREE. So you people at corporate must have changed the rules after the fact of the coupons being printed. BAD business….Now we will have to go to Jersey Mikes, Firehouse Subs,Quiznos even though Subway was our fav. You have to be loyal to those who have been loyal to you.
    You should be ashamed…..

  20. I love the service and how they wash their hands before making the sandwich for the hungry costumer and how it’s one of the best places to eat once in a while. Want to know the best part about going to subway huh? you get to tell the Employee(s) what you want on your sandwich and they’ll do it for you and that’s what I call Service for you a best meal is a “happy” meal.

    Sincerely William E.

  21. Was there at noon and they did not have the cookies made yet . they were not out they said they did not have time yet to make them. they open at 6 am it was noon and they didnt have time? Other than that the sandwich was good.

  22. Good food, good service

  23. Fill out survey. Was not able to put in email address.
    The website took everything else accept the email address

  24. they were execellent

  25. they were excellent

  26. Raymond sipp says:

    Subway is great
    The server was wonderful
    Mendocino ave. santa rosa ca

  27. Having some difficulty, no host ID on the receipt, so I guess I don’t get the dam cookie..
    My M-Ball sandwich was great and I had a cutie for a server, I feel great.. Thanks

  28. Denise Toler says:

    Visit the Subway store #2952-0 on Brandt Pike in Huber Heights, last night, Worst sub I have ever received from subway, they charged me $1.25 more then what other Subways charges me for the same sub,, the bun looked more like a hot dog bun then a sub bun and there was hardly and meat or veggies on it,, will never go back or recommend that subway to anyone.

  29. John Keaton says:

    Service at subway, 3626 Gender Rd. Canal Winchester, Ohio, is always friendly, generous, and warm. There is never a long wait.

  30. bruce kuerbis says:

    fast service frindly service good food

  31. Anna Soulios says:

    Your loyal customer is leaving you for another if you cannot add all my points to my subway card. I have tried to register my card to no avail. My store # is 35359.
    Goodby, Italian BMT. It was great while it lasted.

    STORE #60915-0

  33. the staff at stortford lodge in hastings are cheerful and provide good service.

  34. Why can’t I find the “tellsubway.com” survey for the free cookie?

  35. JESS LIU says:

    overall feel good and food is ok

  36. Useless link, couldn’t get beyond the store number, took more than 5 minutes and still cant do anything. sorry but now my good comments are out the window.

  37. Johncy Majam says:

    good food and delicious

  38. I was in subway, North Manchester Indiana and it was worst service ever ever.

  39. David carter says:

    I did the survey and put my e-mail address in and never did get a message with a number for a free cookie . The store I used is in Mineral Wells Tx 12518-0 The trans number is 1/A-107069 and the time was 11:37 am .

  40. Dexter Marchman says:

    Jason at the Ft Walton Beach Denney,s was the best server I have ever had. He never let my coffee cup run dry, he remembered everything I ordered and the way I wanted it prepared. He checked on me frequently and he had a very pleasing personality. He provided the same outstanding service to all of the other customers he served.

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