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Whataburger would like to hear from their customers in the www.whataburgerexperience.com Customer Feedback Survey. The survey allows customers who have enjoyed a meal a Whataburger the chance to share their experience and offer advice or suggestions on how the food and services could be improved.

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About Whataburger

Whataburger is a famous southern US based fast food restaurant chain serving up delicious burgers, fries, drinks and sides. Which Whataburger burger do you like the most? The Triple Meat Whataburger? Or, the Jalapeno & Cheese Whataburger? All of the menu items are sure to fill the biggest appetite because their motto is “Everything’s Bigger In Texas”. what was it you liked the most about your recent meal at Whataburger? Let them know in the whataburgerexperience.com and get a coupon for a free burger, or a large fries, or a large drink.

How To Get A Free Burger www.whataburgerexperience.com Coupon

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A Whataburger store receipt.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Go to www.whataburgerexperience.com to open the official survey website.
2. Enter the 16 digit survey code which can be found at the bottom of your store receipt. And Start the survey.
3. Enter the store number that is located at the top of your receipt.
4. Answer the survey questions one by one rating them on a scale of Highly satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied.
5. Once finished a validation code will appear on your screen. Write this code onto your old store receipt.
6. Present the code to the cashier when you next eat a Whataburger and get a free burger, fries or drink.

Useful links:

1. Whataburger website: www.whataburger.com.
2. Whataburger survey website: www.whataburgerexperience.com.


Whataburger offers customers a free burger or a large fries or a large drink to customers who complete the www.whataburgerexperience.com Customer Feedback survey. The survey is designed to help the company learn what it is the customers like and don’t like about their food, staff and venues.

Rate Your Experience With Whataburger. Leave Your Comments Below

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  1. I will drove through drive in At Whataburger in
    Winnie ,tx my order was exactly as I had ordered & very delicious . Maryann recommended I try the lemon pie and I did.
    Service & food was awesome.
    Thank you Maryann for a great experience & great service .
    Ms. H

  2. I went to Buger King at 1700 Saint Charles Ave.,i had to send my sandwish back three times before they got it right and we were eating it there ,my husband was finish eating before i got mine ,when i got mine he had only had his fries left ,and they were burn and hard like they redrop them because we wanted them hot and off the broiler which they were not ,they kept giving them out of the warmer which holds a lot of water and make the bottom bun wet ,I just had finish braging that the best is on st Charles Ave. and i was very disappointed and this was the first time,but the manger fix it right ,hot off the grill with extra pattie dress with no pickle no ketchup extra mayo extra tomato extra onion and hot onion rings,my husband was dress all the way with a extra pattie and hot fries

  3. What happened to just going on to the survey page and it starting .. I am not going to download anything to get a free burger .. All I want is a phone number to do this or a one step page … This is nuts just to get a free burger

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