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Kroger is offering customers who have recently shopped in their partner stores the opportunity to win a $5000 gift card or one of one hundred $100 gift cards each month simply for taking part in the www.krogerfeedback.com customer feedback survey.

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The Kroger survey is actually designed to serve two purposes. It helps curate the feedback from customers, which is then analyzed to better the overall customer experience at krogger. Secondly, the survey is designed to keep the customers engaged and happy. At the end of the survey, you, as a customer get a chance to win a bumper prize of $5,000 gift card or one of 100 $100 gift cards. Since the prizes are more in number (unlike other surveys where there is only one prize to be won), there are more chances of customers winning.

When you’re taking the Kroger survey, please keep in mind that whatever information you provide will be used and analyzed in one way or the other. It can be used to improve customer services, rewarding employees, and used in long-term strategic planning by the management. The customer feedback also enables the company to identify weak links and arrange internal training and grooming programs. So, when taking the survey, we advise you to be candid but honest as your feedback means a lot.

Below is a short video, which explains step-by-step how to take the Kroger survey the right way and be that lucky winner.

About Kroger:

The Kroger company is the largest revenue generating retail store in the United States. It comes a close second behind WalMart and was founded in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Bernard Kroger. Kroger offers products such as dairy, deli, frozen foods, drug & general goods as well as grocery and health food products.

It is the eighteenth largest company in the United States. It is commonly known as Krogger Company or simply Krogger. The company is also known to be the one of the best when it comes to employee satisfaction. Employees of Kroger are some of the happiest in the private sector. According to stats, it is the third largest private sector employer in the United States. The company has also established itself as the third largest retailer in the world. As per 2015 records, Kroger has more than 2,778 departmental stores and supermarkets. It has convenience stores, department stores, hypermarkets, superstores and supermarkets spread across 34 states in the USA. The most recent addition in their line of stores are the jewelry stores, which are more than 300 in the United States. Other than that Kroger also operates more than 1,200 fuel centers and 2,000 plus pharmacies.

The beginning of the Kroger company is really special. In downtown Cincinnati, in 1883, a man named Bernard Kroger invested his life savings of $372. This amount is roughly equal to $9,800 in 2018. His store was an instant success and with a keen business mind, Bernard quickly opened the second Kroger store in 1884 (only one year after the inauguration of Kroger). He had a simple philosophy, which worked like a charm – he believed in:

“Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.”

His whole business revolved around one simple thing, which was (and still is) pleasing the customers through unique ways. Right from the beginning, he wanted to have everything in his store so that the customers don’t have to go to different stores for grocery. He experimented and started making his won products like bread and other items so that the customers don’t have to visit bakeries for their needs.

Before 1916, Kroger stores kept every item behind shelves. If you like anything you would have to request the staff at the store and they will deliver the item to you. This changed in 1916, as the company introduced self-service shopping. This is where customers can have the items right in front of them; they can pick them up and have a look and the feeler.

With Kroger it is all about innovation. In 1939, the company began the first store in the United States to introduce a new way of monitoring quality control. The customers were asked to test their items and give their feedback right there. This really boosted their customer satisfaction rating and people started trusting products available at Kroger more. The Kroger also happens to be the first store in the country to introduce store with 4-sided car parking.

The 1970s was the real time of innovation and advancement for Kroger. The store started many new things, which the world never saw before. This was the time when Kroger began to formalize customer research and introduced electronic scanner. The Crossroad dairy farm was founded in 1972 by Kroger, which was then considered as the world’s biggest dairy farm. In 1977, Kroger entered Charlotte’s market and bought a few stores from BI-LO. These stores were not located in an ideal neighborhood and did not fit in the modern image Kroger. Kroger was quick to realize that and pulled out of Charlotte’s market by putting up its store there for sale. A Dutch company named Ahold bought the stores and converted them to BI-LO again.

Kroger acquired all Pay Less Food Markets, Owen’s Market, JayC Food Stores, and Hilander Foods in the early 1990s.  To further strengthen its position in Houston, the company also bought a few stores from the famous Safeway stores. In the late 1990s, the company decided to merge with Fred Myer, which was then the fifth largest grocery chain in the country. During this time, the company continued with various acquisitions and mergers, opened many new stores and also closed a handful of them. This was the time of more innovation and more testing.

Earlier in 2018, Kroger announced that it will be selling its 700 plus stores to a group named EG Group for 2.15 billion dollars. After the deal, the company will only be retaining and running 20 convenience stores. It was also in April 2018 that company announced to hire some new people. An estimated 11,000 more employees out of which 2000 were hired for the managerial role. This made Kroger a company with employees of close to half a million.

Kroger is currently doing business as,

Kroger’s Marketplace:

Opened in 2004, marketplace represents a chain of big-box stores. The huge stores contain multiple departments and section inside. Other than having a big grocery department they also contain separate sections for Starbucks, Donatos Pizza, Fred Myer Jewelers, in-store bank and other departments like toys, bed and bath, home furnishing, appliances, etc.



Kroger mostly stores and sells items of regional and international brands. However, it also manufactures its own products. Kroger either owns or operates in agreement, 37 manufacturing plants in seventeen states that produces various products for Kroger. Kroger’s private label products include items mostly in the grocery and the bakery departments.

Kroger is operating an ice cream plant, 2 cheese plants, and 16 dairies. When it comes to bakery products, the company is operating 2 frozen dough plants, 6 bakeries, and a deli plant. In grocery, Kroger has 2 beverages and 5 grocery plants. Other than that, the company also has 2 meat plants.

Pharmacy Group:

Kroger today has more than 1,948 pharmacies. Majority of these pharmacies are located inside the Kroger stores while some are established as a separate unit. Pharmacies in Kroger have been in particular very profitable and their operation has been expanding from the day one.


Petroleum Group:

In 1998, Kroger started adding fuel centers in the parking lot of their stores. These small fuel centers were an instant hit. More recently the Kroger has started opening these fuel centers as stand-alone units but usually near a Kroger store, which can’t accommodate these stores in the parking lot. Kroger has more than 1,300 fuel centers today.

Movie Rentals:

You will find a Redbox movie rental kiosk on most Kroger outlets.

Financial services:

In 2007, Kroger introduced Kroger Personal Finance. Through this services customers could get visa/MasterCard cards, mortgages, personal loans, home insurance, identity theft protection, etc

How To Win $5000 In The Kroger www.krogerfeedback.com Survey

Kroger www.krogerfeedback.com Survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer or gadget that is capable of accessing the internet.
2. Be 18 years of age or older.
3. A receipt from a recent store purchase.


1. Visit www.krogerfeedback.com on your internet capable device.
2. Choose English or Spanish as your preferred language.
3. In the spaces provided enter the date and time of your visit. This is printed on your store receipt.
4. Next step is to enter the Entry Id number also printed on the store receipt.
5. Over the next few pages you will asked some questions like “what departments of the store did you visit?” and “did you find what you were looking for?”
6. Then you will be asked to rate your experience at the store on a scale of ‘highly satisfied’ to ‘highly dissatisfied’.
7. Answer the questions honestly as they count toward making improvements towards your future visits.
8. Once that section is completed you will be asked if you would like to receive coupons and other promotional material.
9. Once the survey is completed you can then decide if you would like to enter the sweepstakes. If not, just close the web page.
10. If you would like to enter the sweepstakes, enter your information and press ‘Submit’.


Major: 1x $5000 gift card
Minor: 100 x $100 gift cards

Useful Links

Official survey website: www.krogerfeedback.com
Store website: www.kroger.com
Survey rules: www.krogerfeedback.com/DContent.aspx?Page=SweepstakesRules&c=371620


To be eligible to enter the Kroger www.krogerfeedback.com sweepstakes and be in with a chance to win $5000 you must be over 18 years of age and hold a receipt from a recent purchase. The information you provide at the end of the survey is used to notify you if you are the lucky major prize winner or winner of a $100 gift card.

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