www.morrisonsislistening.co.uk | Win £500 In The Morrison’s Survey

Boiling Point is giving customers who have made a recent purchase the opportunity to grab a chance to win  £500 in the www.morrisonsislistening.co.uk survey sweepstakes. The survey which can be found at morrisonsislistening.co.uk will take around 5 minutes to complete and can be completed on your mobile device.

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About Morrison’s:

Founded in 1899 by William Morrison, Morrisons is a UK supermarket chain with a headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire England. From its small town beginnings as an egg and butter stall in Rawson Market, Morrison’s has built up considerablly and now has as of 2016 just under 500 superstores across England, Wales, Scotland and also one in Gibraltar which is the only store outside of Great Britain. It is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, serving more than 11 million customers every single week.

How To Win £500 In Thee www.morrisonsislistening.co.uk Survey

You will need:

  1. Internet access with a computer or mobile device.
  2. A Morrison’s receipt with survey invitation.
  3. Be able to read and write.
  4. Be 18 years or older at time of survey completion
  5. And you need to be a legal resident of the UK or Gibraltar to enter the prize draw.


  1. Go to www.morrisonsislistening.co.uk
  1. Read all policies and check the agree button.
  2. Enter the barcode number, date and time found on your Morrisons receipt.
  3. Click START.
  4. Answer all questions honestly and on finishing the survey you will be given the opportunity to enter the prize draw where you could win a £200 Morrisons voucher.
  5. Enter in your contact information and click finish to submit the survey.

Useful Links:

Morrison’s Survey Website: www.morrisonsislistening.co.uk


Lastly, be sure to take the Shopper's Voice customer survey to receive FREE STUFF tailored to what you LIKE and WANT! We're talking money-saving rewards such as cash, product samples, coupons and much more! And, it doesn't hurt to know that you'll also be entered to WIN $1,500 this month!

The survey is a brief questionnaire that will take only minutes to complete, giving us much needed information on your individual and valued experiences here at Morrisons. From staff interactions to products and availability. On completion of the morrisonsislistening.co.uk survey as a thank you gift we will enter you into a prize draw where you could win a £500 Morrisons voucher. There is a limit of one winner per household however the prize draw will take place monthly. We take your suggestions and opinions seriously, so please just take 5 minutes from your day to tell us how we did.


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