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Converse is asking their loyal customers to give their valued feedback in the Converse www.myconversevisit.com Customer Satisfaction survey. The My Converse Visit Feedback survey is a fantastic way for customers who have made a purchase at a Converse store to be able to share their experience with the sneaker giant and grab a free $5 Converse Gift Card.

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Converse survey is here to collect your feedback so they could analyze the problems and fix them real soon. The sole aim of any customer satisfaction feedback is to create a connection between the customers and company. Converse survey connects the customers with the company so both parties can listen to each other. Furthermore, this two-way communication link allows both the parties to convey their messages easily and efficiently. Furthermore, this link creates a friendly relation between the company and the customers that is beneficial for everyone. So are you ready to attempt the survey now? We don’t think so, follow along and get to know the insights.

This customer satisfaction survey is hosted by Converse as they care about what the customers have to say about them. Here at Converse, every customer is just like a family member whose perspective matters. Converse wants to everything from customer’s side, your suggestions, opinion etc as they want to make your experience better than ever. No matter which branch you visit, Converse wants you to share your perspective about how they are doing. No matter if your feedback is negative or positive, they just want to know the truth about their services for making everything best and on point. Don’t feel reversed to let the company know where they are lacking as Converse appreciates it and work hard to improve things.

In Converse survey, you’ll be presented with easy to answer questions that will be based around your experience at the store. Most of the questions will be asking for your opinion about the services, additional suggestions, products you bought etc. You don’t’ have to worry about questions as they will be dead simple and circled around your experience at the store. You just have to read the questions thoroughly enough as some can be misleading. Similarly, you’ll be asked to rate the services on a specific scale alongside simple questions.

The pattern of Converse survey is pretty straightforward, you don’t have to be a super nerd in order to attempt it. The website is neatly designed that aids you to attempt the survey easily and efficiently. Furthermore, guide snippets are added alongside the survey that helps the user to follow along. Note that this survey isn’t like a typical misleading survey that takes an hour to attempt, Converse survey is short and just take a few minutes to get done with. Below we’ll look at that type of questions that you’ll encounter in this customer satisfaction feedback.

You can answer the questions easily but we’ll tell you how to do it the right way making it beneficial for all. So you have read the questions, now what? It’s not hard to answer the questions right way, the key is to deliver your point by making it crystal clear for the reader. Most users make the answers complicated by adding a lot of useless information that isn’t needed. You just have to stick the point and write in plain English so every reader can understand. Furthermore, eliminate all the partial filters before answering the questions so it can help the company conclude a suitable to all outcome.

Don’t wait for a long time as this survey can get close anytime! Pick all the details from the Converse receipt, get ready to answer the questions and get a chance to win a $5 gift card.

About The Converse www.myconversevisit.com Survey

A manufacturer of footwear and apparel Converse has become an American icon with its rubber sole and star insignia. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse and retailing in over 160 countries worldwide, Converse has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003. If you would like to get a pair of Converse sneakers, a $5 converse gift card will help you on your way.

Brief History:

At the age of 47, Marquis Mills Converse opened this shoe company in February 1908. As being a manager at footwear manufacturing firm, Marquis was introduced with everything related to the shoes. In the early stages, the company manufactured rubber shoe providing winterized rubber sole for everyone. By 1915 this company started making athletic shoes and we all know where the things stand now.

How To Get A $5 Converse Gift Card


You will need:

  1. A computer or mobile device with internet connectivity.
  2. A recent receipt from Converse with a survey invitation.
  3. A basic understanding of written English or Spanish.
  4. A valid email address.
  5. A Javascript enabled web browser.
  6. You must have the ability to read and write plain English or Spanish.
  7. You must be able to recall your last experience at Converse.


  1. Go to www.myconversevisit.com.
  2. Choose a language to complete the survey in from English or Spanish.
  3. Key in the store number, time and date from the drop-down menu.
  4. Type in your transaction number and purchase amount.
  5. Start the survey.
  6. Answer a few questions, rating your recent visit to our store.
  7. Answer honestly.
  8. Enter in your personal details to receive an emailed coupon to be used on your next visit to Converse.
  9. Submit survey.

Useful links

Converse Survey –  www.myconversevisit.com

You can share your experience with Converse by speaking to them over Facebook or Twitter. If you encounter any problems while filling out the Converse customer satisfaction survey, you should contact Converse’s customer service directly.

Email Address: helpme.europe@converse.com

Phone Number: 1 800-806-6453

Live Chat: https://help-en-us.nike.com/app/chat/chat_launch/r/store/


Converse takes your feedback seriously as it provides us with important information that we can use to better your experience and our business. All information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the intention listed above. As a token of our gratification, we will be giving you a $5 Converse Gift Card that you will have to use within 60 days of taking the www.myconversevisit.com survey. We also run sweepstakes occasionally. You could be entered into one of these should we be running one.

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