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Sears is inviting customers the chance to win a $500 gift card for taking part in the www.searsfeedback.com customer feedback survey. The survey has been designed by Sears to gather feedback from customers who have made a recent purchase in one of their stores. The feedback is used to improve Sears products and services so that next time the customer returns to the store they will have a more enjoyable experience.

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The Sears Customer Feedback Survey is hosted so you can provide your precious feedback. Sears wants every customer’s feedback as it helps the company to improve the loopholes to create a better shopping experience. No matter which branch you visited, Sears wants you to turn the feedback in so they could analyze it and bring the needed change. Sears wants to hear your thoughts about their services, products, and overall experience so they can analyze your suggestions and opinions to bring the change. Furthermore, as an appreciation for taking the time to share your thoughts you get a chance to win a $500 gift card. Still thinking? Visit the survey relationship, enter the required details and get going with the survey.

So you might be wondering why you should fill this customer satisfaction survey? The most important reason for hosting a survey is creating a connection with the customers. There is absolutely no relationship between a customer and the company that makes it hard for both parties to share their say. If a customer had to contact the staff or provide their suggestions related to the company he/she had no options rather than talking with the customer care. A customer satisfaction survey creates a direct relationship with the company for providing your suggestions, sharing your experience and putting out your thoughts. Similarly, this connection creates a friendly environment between both parties that helps for maintaining a common ground in various problems. Don’t wait for too long as this is your chance to create a connection with Sears for providing your precious feedback, suggestions, and opinions.

Every customer satisfaction survey is hosted to take suggestions and opinion of the people connected with the company. Customers are the only wheel of any business responsible for profits or losses. Taking customer thoughts in consideration is the only way to making a business successful. That is why most companies host customer satisfaction feedback for listening to what the buyer think about them. Furthermore, Sears doesn’t only care about pumping up the profits but providing the best quality products as per customers demand.

Discussing the pattern of this survey, believe us that it is very easy to follow and takes absolutely less than 10 minutes. The website is designed by some sensible developers that have coded keeping in mind that everyone isn’t a nerd. The web design is absolutely eye-catching and dead simple for almost every type of user. In every section of this survey, you are guided by short snippets and paragraphs for following along till the end. Every section of this survey is neatly designed and well jotted up so you can easily provide your feedback without any hassle. Note that the fields marked with start are required and you can’t skip any question in this customer satisfaction survey.

Talking about the questions in this survey, they are very easy to understand and anyone can get around with it. You just have to pay attention and read them thoroughly before answering. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t skip any question and answer every question as per your experience at Sears.

Now we’ll guide you on how to answer the survey questions the correct way. Although it’s not a rocket science behind answering the questions, you should concentrate on getting your point clear. Similarly, you should avoid including any personal prejudice and partiality as it wouldn’t be beneficial for the company. You can prolong your answer but make sure that it doesn’t get too complex for an average reader.

About Sears

Sears departments stores are very well known across the United States selling a range of products from household appliances to hardware and automotive equipment. From humble beginnings in 1893 Sears began as a mail-order business growing to a 2,500 store empire known all around the world.

How To Win A $200 www.searsfeedback.com Gift Card

Sears www.searsfeedback.com Survey

You will need:

1. A computer or a smartphone with an internet connection.
2. Basic information like 12-Digit Receipt Number, Email Address, Purchase Date etc.
3. Be over 21 years of age.
4. A valid email address.
5. Be a resident of the USA.
6. A recent receipt of Sears.
7. You must have the ability to understand English.
8. You must have the ability to write feedback in plain English.
9. You should be able to recall your last experience at Sears store.


1. On your computer visit the official survey page at www.searsfeedback.com.
2. Enter the 12 digit store receipt in the space provided.
3. Select the date that you visited the store. Then click ‘Next’.
4. The survey will begin to ask questions about whether you would recommend Sears to a friend or neighbor.
5. Other questions asked will ask you to recall back to the day you visited Sears and how would you rate the customer service, how easy was it to find what you were looking for and more.
6. On completion of the survey questions, you will be asked if you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a gift card.
7. Enter your contact details including your email address so that Sears can contact you in case you are a lucky winner.

Useful links

Survey website: www.searsfeedback.com
Sears website: www.sears.com
Prizes: A major prize of a $4,000 gift card drawn quarterly and a $500 gift card drawn monthly.

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