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Tesco is generously offering a £1000 Gift Card Or 25 Clubcard Points to customers who take part in the www.cafe.tescoviews.com survey. The Tesco Views survey is taken online at cafe.tescoviews.com and can be completed in around 5 minutes. You can even do the Tesco survey in store on your mobile phone. Once the survey is completed, customers are given an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a £1000 Gift Card Or 25 Clubcard Points.

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About Tesco:

Tesco, a British multicultural grocery and general merchandise retailer, was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. Originally it was a group of market stores that over the years has expanded to being within the fifth largest retailers in the world. Having stores in 12 countries across Asia and Europe – including Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand. Tesco has devised a way that their patrons can give feedback about their local store and its workers, thus improving the Tesco standard.

How To Win A £1,000 Tesco Gift Card And Collect 25 Clubcard Points In The www.cafe.tescoviews.com Survey

 You will need:  

  1. A computer or a mobile device with internet connection.
  2. A recent Tesco receipt.
  3. 18 years of age or older.
  4. Have a valid email address



  1. Go to the www.cafe.tescoviews.com website
  2. Enter the four digit code found on your store receipt.
  3. Enter the survey.
  4. Complete all questions asked.
  5. Last stage, enter your contact details including Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Club card Number.


Useful Links:
Tesco Cafe Survey Website: www.cafe.tescoviews.com


By participating in this short cafe.tescoviews.com survey you are lending your voice to the people at Tesco so they can further better your next experience within your local store. In doing so you will go in the running for a £1,000 Tesco gift card and collect 25 Club card Points.


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  1. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and
    I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I’m
    hoping to give one thing back and aid others like you aided me.

  2. Julie Hibbert says:

    I went to the Tesco store in Farnworth, Bolton this morning and am disgusted by the prices and condition of the food. £1 for a fried egg!! £1 for a single slice of bacon?? Who makes up these prices. The food is under heat lamps and all dried up. There is never more than one server working. The food is cold by the time your drinks are made. I won’t be going again and neither will people I know.

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  4. Tesco cafe in Hindley be Wigan has to be the worsed for service and food, they are miserable,in helpful, un clean, customer service skills do not exist,there phones going off in there pockets Whilst they talk to you, and the bacon and sausage are like rubber after being under the heat lamps god knows what germs they have e picked up, then your food is left to Stand and go cold while they do your egg and coffee, please get some new staff and good freshly made food In there , only thing that was good was the coffee..

  5. S. Freemantle says:

    Tesco cafe at Cardigan Wales Before it’s revamp last year the food was cooked in bulk and kept under heat lamps which resulted in dried up bacon sausages etc. The cafe then employed a chef who cooked the food as it was ordered and this resulted in a nice freshly cooked breakfast. However the cafe has reverted back to pre cooking and storing under heat lamps. This is unsatisfactory and breakfasts now are terrible along with the coffee – can any one make a decent cappacino at Tesco Cardigan?

  6. David Manners says:

    every time I try to send you a survey on line, I can never get through to Tesco. Rubbish.

  7. kerry jones says:

    we visited Tesco at wellington retail park today and found the food to be average at best the hash browns in particular were well overcooked but most alarming was the cutlery which was disgusting . the container the cutlery was housed in was filthy with bits of food and dust at the bottom . the knives and forks had remains of food on them which is totally unacceptable . this is a massive hygiene issue . when I mentioned this to the waiter he replied that that’s how they come out of the washer

    • Tesco cafe oban a disgrace no dishwasher drinking out of takeaway cups then suddenly dishwasher fixed as they put prices up 15p a cup then few days later back to paper cups I’m paying for sitting in but given takeaway rubbish no wonder all their regulars going to costa better service same price

      • Same in oban disgrace no point cafe being there they’re only interested in getting money at busy times i.e. lunchtime can’t get proper cups only paper dishwasher broke again but they sell food on proper crockery just taking mickey

  8. David Harris says:

    Where do you find the place to put in the details from the reciept?I had a coffee in the Swindon cafe on Thursday.Only one girl doing everything,so very long wait.Juyst not acceptable

  9. I regret that overall the quality of the Tesco Cafe’s in Plymouth have seen a steady yet relentless decline over the last 12 months. Whilst the staff are generally very friendly, some (at the Roborough store) are downright uncaring and would rather spend 1/2 hour chatting a friend who dropped in for a cuppa rather than serve ever growing the queue. Cleaning in the transit Way store is hit and miss .. floors are not cleared and often covered with dropped food for hours. (also greasy and slippery.) Iregret the food qulaity has really gone down hill and is often cool/cold. Takes forever to get a simple cup of coffee. I do not want a fancy overpriced cup or glass of frothy hot water… bring back the REAL coffee pot! It can take longer to wait for a cup of coffee than for a meal to be cooked/microwaved or whatever it is they do to it. One ends up hot and overpriced, the other is cold and overpriced. and its pot luck which one you get.

  10. Christine Hawe says:

    Hi, I visited Tesco Cafe Oban on 14th Jan. 2018 & was pleasantly surprised. It is 2 years since I was last in Oban and my how
    the Cafe has improved. The staff could not have been more helpful (I am disabled) everyone had happy smiling faces. The young lady who served me at 13.43 even carried my tray to a nice clean table. The soup & cheese toastie were nice and hot and delicious, even my Americano Coffee was good. Congratulations Tesco. Now, I just wish you would open a similar Cafe in Blairgowrie where I live.

  11. Mervyn Church says:

    Been having breakfast at Tesco Massereene for some time now and preferred it to Asda. Recently refurbished, looks well but sadly other things have gone downhill. Used to get a pot of tea, now a cup of water with a teabag floating in it. Sachets of sauce have been replaced with two or three bottles which you have to go looking for after food arrives. Have stopped using sauce since I saw a customer licking the bottle top! Seems to be fewer staff on duty. On Saturday 23 December my tea was cold by the time food arrived and there were only four other customers there. Bacon rashers were miniscule. Recent price hike hard to justify, now not good value for money. On a positive note – staff, especially Bernard.

  12. Mrs J Bowling says:

    cant find start of survey.

  13. Michael Thomasmj says:

    Tesco SWANSEA Pontardulais Road. My day very often starts with 1 1/2 hours in Anytime fitness gym about 7.30am then walk next door to Tesco for a scrumcious (small) breakfast. The staff are all very pleasant and polite. The service is excellent, i never seem to be waiting more than a few minutes and the price is very reasonable.

  14. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  15. The cafe at belmont hereford store i find to be very friendly, the staff are always very polite and,what says a lot to me is they are always the same staff,so they get to know you, the only thing i can find to critisise it is there is no where to leave my trolley, i have to put my shopping in the car before i have my regular order other wise it must score at least 8/10 very welcoming place to be.

  16. Code 1542
    The Cafe in the Tesco Portsmouth Fratton store has recently had a problem with staffing. One two occasions, one a few week ago in the evening to have a meal the Cafe was closed due to no staff. More recently on a Saturday after noon the Cafe stopped serving hot food at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon. The Cafe has also has a poor selection of biscuits. Very dissapointed with the service, It has definitely got worst from the excellent service when the store last opened last year.

  17. Mr Teddy Williams Teah says:

    Satisfactory service from the counter especially an elderly person incharge at the counter. Very caring attitude to the costumers. This has encouraged me to have my breakfast every morning.
    Many thanks

  18. Elizabeth Williams Teah says:

    The Tesco cafe Pengam green Cardiff are so friendly. Always happy to help and services is always quick. The food is clean with home cooked taste good to get you through any day.

  19. you are friendly bunch of people and you make all your customers welcome to the cafe and you do good job and your new supervisor is very good at her job and Sam is good at making the coffee the way the customers like it and all the workers are funny and makes me happy and smile and Dan like come come to the cake to see the happy people and the food is good the coffee are good and the cafe is kept clean

  20. Luke Greenwood says:

    The cafe is has a lot of friendly stuff the cafe has kept clean as they can and the stuff makes nice cup teas and cooks nice food.

  21. Is this some kind of joke?? How on earth does anyone gain access to a survey that doesn’t appear to exist!!
    Tesco Talbot Green has been refurbished, and is warm and comfortable, but, other than that the food and service hasn’t changed. It’s still mediocre!!

  22. Jean Slack says:

    Hi been in Tesco Hull. Unfortunately disappointed in the cafe food. I had a jacket potato which was just warm and by the time I had got to the end it was cold. My friend had chips which were cool and of a st ange texture. And not very appetising. I am usually satisfied in my home town in Rotherham.. Not today.

  23. Tesco cafe Port Talbot, always a pleasure to visit, staff are really pleasant and helpful, although they could do with more staff as the poor girls are always run off their feet on a Saturday.

  24. Sheelagh Smyth says:

    Having visited the new café in Tesco’s St Stephens Hull I was delighted to find it revamped with lovely seating and a good choice of menu. Julie especially was nice and chatty and very helpful. The café before was very dowdy and it was not a pleasant place to eat as some OF THE MEALS ARRIVED COLD !!!!! and the staff were getting quite tired of people complaining.

  25. Vanessa Eardley says:

    Lovely newly refurbished cafe. Sadly the food and service can’t live up to the same standard. I like to use the Stafford cafe for breakfast before I shop but it is just going downhill fast! Today I had to wait ages to be served because the person serving couldn’t work the till. There were no teapots so I was given a cup of warm water .with a tea bag in. It took half an hour before I was served with my cold undercooked teacake. No apology! Then I realised I had been charged for an item I didn’t order or get.
    Not good enough Tesco!

  26. david shaw says:

    we shop at barnsley Tesco went there yesterday , most of the table was full of dirty pots, the staff just delivery food
    and don,t take any used pots back with them, just walk back empty handed. thre was only eight people in the cafe
    and it took for ever to get served. its puts people off ,so you loose customers. please give your staff a kick up the
    backside, and tell them to use their grey matter.

  27. David Penney says:

    Took my grandson for breakfast at the Horwich branch …Waited 10 minutes behind only 1 person to be served….My full breakfast arrived first.. Every item ,bacon, sausage, beans, tomato, hash brown. Had clearly been kept stewing for some considerable time. The bacon was minute and inedible ..Then my 6 yr old grand sons arrived Same story. And the toast cold and curling . The butter packs almost liquid ,obviously defrosted too much ..I took the meals back…
    The manageress tried to negotiate a refund on each individual item . I was quite livid by then and insisted on a complete refund .The best I got was a threat of bringing security and still paying for the cup of tea , which was ok .Having spent over £10 on this breakfast .I got a refund of £7..
    However I recon I spend few hundred pounds a year at Tesco including fuel , I am sure that Asda , Morrisons , etc can use the money .

  28. prestatyn tesco cafe .trays are always dirty ..useing a 2 slice toaster .staff are friendly ..and manager is always nipping out for a break .while she could be helping to get queue down .

  29. Arfor Jones says:

    Having to wait an hour for a bus to take me home from your branch at Broughton, North Wales, I decided to try out your cafe. A poster advertised the introduction of a ‘NEW’ item on the lunch menu (Fishcake) – and I sat down to await the arrival of the meal. And in due course it arrived – ON A PAPER PLATE.

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have I had a meal presented to me in such a shoddy manner – I thought that paper plates were for picnics and barbecues.

    The food wasn’t too good either – I had to cut away a piece of a potato which was inedible and the fishcake was as hard as a coconut.

    Tesco, if that is the best that you ;can do, I shan’t be going there again..

  30. code 2008 Staff very friendly and helpful. The café very clean and tidy. The food we had was very nice and good value. Will go back again soon…

  31. Victoria mitchell says:

    Tesco cafe , Cupar fife , polite and friendly staff I pop here all the time for a nice takeaway coffee … sion made my coffee and also on shift was Jane …

  32. Cirencester cafe Tesco .gone down hill .dirty tables right floors miserable staff. Not enough staff need to learn some manners . I was brought up to say please and thank you. Manners do-not cost anything

  33. Lovely and fast service by Kelly great service

  34. I Murray says:

    The Cafe at Cardiff Pengham gave excellent service – commendations to Kirsty – but this tesco survey site is the most useless confusing and time-wasting internet experience.
    Can’t enter four digit code, can’t get anywhere without other site downloads – Tesco online – you should be ashamed how much this lets down your staff.

  35. Ruby Adey says:

    We shop at Sunderland retail store and done since it opened always finishing off with a visit to the café. The service is now a disgrace, miserable staff well one in particular, they make you feel like they are doing you a favour actualy acknowledging that your at the counter. Since the coffee by Costa was taken away the coffee is vile. Apart from this the place is a disaster area not once in the last month have the tables been cleared for us to sit down, we have to do this ourselves and the table is never wiped. This week the window sils were littered with used dishes and kids lunch packets. No wonder it is never as busy as it used to be its time management took a look at this place, I have been to some road side cafes with a better service.

  36. where on Gods earth do you put the code required to do survey? you could not make it more difficult could you? or do not want to pay out the £1000!!!!!

    • Agreed.
      People have lives to lead.
      If Tesco want to know about their stores they would put the survey at the top.

  37. M. Green says:

    Can fill in survey as it’s not here how stupid but Tescos cafe in Skegness are fantastic friendly staff nothing’s to much trouble good food and service the only reason I still use tescos to shop is because of the cafe

  38. Called at Tesco Thetford on a Saturday morning with my husband and we both had the “Classic 8-piece breakfast” which was most enjoyable, I was pleased that I could swap the fried egg for a scrambled egg. Had a lovely Costa coffee to wash it down with. Most enjoyable breakfast and will be doing this again very soon.

  39. I.D. Bland says:

    ladies in Boston café are brilliant, always have a smile and a word or three, Coffee far better than local Asda, sandwiches and cakes always seem to be fresh and tasty. Exceptionally clean and tide especially when Nicky is on duty, BUT come on Tesco, after all the fuss that has been made about disposable, non-recyclable cardboard cups, being used in coffee shops, you say they are being used because the dishwasher is being repaired. I could have walked to the factory where they are made and walked back dragging a new dishwasher behind me, in the time it has taken.
    Have not drunk coffee since these ghastly cups were introduced. Dishwasher problems or a poor management decision, to save money and to hell with the environment.

  40. G Garton says:

    Visited the Boston café today and was very disappointed. Asked for a Cappuccino and liked the sound of the bacon roll, which said had 3 rashers. I was given my coffee, but not in a cup. It was in a takeaway carton and was more full of froth than anything else. I was told that my bacon would be brought over. Well, it was 15 mins later when one of the staff shouted ” Anyone order a bacon cob. She did apologise for the delay. It was a bacon bap. I didn’t ask for butter, which was dripping from it. The delay couldn’t have been waiting for the bacon to cook, as I opened the bap, to find the bacon was cooked that much that I couldn’t check how many rashers there were, as the bacon was hard, crispy and was in pieces. All that for £4.44. Does it make you feel like visiting again?

  41. Mr Thomas Hampson says:

    We always go to Tesco for lunch on Mondays. The staff are brilliant. Nothing to much trouble for them. We deserve more than 25 points for trying.. Thomas Hampton. Café code 0104

  42. good food and good service at Tesco antrim today 🙂

  43. Jane Shaw says:

    Thank you to Paul-D in my Corstorphine store. He was so patient with my grand daughter showing her how the items were scanned etc and chatting all the time .

    He has been very helpful before to me when on my own too.

  44. Mrs Patricia Dance says:

    Had two meals at Beckton Tesco EXTRA store, on two different days. Food, service and staff were excellent.
    Store code 2179.
    Would recommend to family and friends.

  45. Cafe wonderful now new coffee machine installed.As usual girls a pleasure nothing to much trouble

  46. Margaret says:

    Sorry, unable to find the survey

  47. Lyn Jackson says:

    Unable to do survey . Website ridiculous!!! Cafe has gone from self service drinks in a mug to being served in a small cup. To add insult to injury cost has increased massively. Sorry Tesco, will not be using cafe again!!! Increase is not justified.

  48. Despite repeated attempts, I have been unable to FIND the cafe survey therefore unable to enter any response. There is MUCH other WAFFLE on the Tesco websites however, but this is no use to me.

  49. we always go to Tesco Lincoln for breakfast when having our caravan serviced. This week we were very disappointed that they have changed from self service to fixed breakfast. Staff were as good as ever but the choice has gone.

  50. Mrs Christine Chapman says:

    The cafe at Tesco, Bletchley has too few staff on duty particularly on a Saturday when the cafe is at it’s busiest.
    There are only two staff on duty. I ordered toast and tea. We waited ten minutes for the toast and when it arrived, not only was it curled up but because it is left in the toaster so long, becomes brittle and breaks apart when you try to butter it.
    We were not the only people disappointed in the waiting time and this occurs every Saturday. If things do not improve we will have to take our custom elsewhere.

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