www.homedepotopinion.com | Win A $5,000 Gift Card

www.homedepotopinion.com | Win A $5,000 Gift Card

Home Depot is welcoming customers who would like to win a $5,000 gift card by taking part in the www.homedepotopinion.com customer satisfaction survey. If you like going to Home Depot and doing your shopping let them know in the homedepotopinion.com win $5000 survey.

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About Home Depot

The home Depot as it is formally known is a US based retailer of hardware products, home improvements supplies and gardening and construction services. Were you happy with the quality of the products you recently purchased at Home Depot? Did you use Home Depot coupons to make your purchase? Were the staff welcoming and well informed about the products offered for sale? These are some of the questions that you may be asked in The Home Depot survey.

Win A www.homedepotopinion.com $5000 Gift Card Survey


www.homedepotopinion.com | Win A $5000 Gift Card

You will need:

1. A Home Depot store receipt for a recent purchase.
2. A computer with internet access.
4. Be over 21 years of age.
5. Be a legal resident of the US, District Of Columbia or Puerto Rico.


1. Go to www.homedepotopinion.com to visit the official survey website.
2. Select your preferred choice of language to complete the survey.
3. Enter the Zip Code or Postal Code for the store where you made your purchase.
4. Answer each of the questions reflecting back to your visit to The Home Depot.
5. Each questions is required to be answered in full before proceeding to the next question.
6. There is also space provided for adding additional suggestions and thoughts.
7. On completion of the survey questions you will be prompted to enter the home Depot Sweepstakes to win a $5,000 gift card.
8. Provide your personal contact details and answer some basic demographic questions and you will be entered into the sweeps.

Useful links:

Home Depot website: www.homedepot.com.
Home Depot Survey: www.homedepotopinion.com
Home Depot Survey rules: https://www.homedepotopinion.com/Surveys/THD/CustSat/sweeps_US_en.htm?date=03/01/2013.
Home Depot survey winners list: https://www.homedepotopinion.com/Surveys/THD/winners/winnerslist.htm.
Home Depot Survey introduction: https://www.homedepotopinion.com/Surveys/THD/ahs/Intro_EN.htm.


Many customers scan the internet and newspapers each day looking for Home Depot Coupons. You can also win a Home Depot $5,000 gift card by participating in the www.homedepotopinion.com survey.

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