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Target is giving customers the opportunity to provide valuable feedback in the www.informtarget.com customer survey. At the end of the survey, Target is also providing the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and win a $1500 gift card or a $25 gift card. Target is asking customers what they enjoyed most and didn’t enjoy about a recent visit to a Target store. The Target survey uses the information to help make sure if you weren’t satisfied that things will be improved for your next visit. This customer satisfaction survey is created so that the company can listen to what customers have to say about their experience. The sole reason of any survey is to create a genuine connection between the customers and the company so that the feedback can be recorded to improve and fix things that are currently messed up. This customer satisfaction survey set up by Target store aims to destroy the factor of miscommunication between customers and the company so every consumer can provide the company with their say. Target Corporation is the second-largest department store retailer in the United States behind Walmart that needs your true feedback so that your next experience could be worth remembering. Although every company doesn’t hold this customer satisfaction survey, Target Corporation values every customer’s say. Here at Target stores customers are given the utmost priority as they are the one that runs the whole business. Through this survey, the company wants to get every insight into customer’s feedback to be better than ever. Target Corporation believes that happy customers are those who become the loyal ones as it’s all about fulfilling consumer’s expectations. Now let’s move forward on the theme of this customer satisfaction survey designed by the Target Corporation. Just like all other customer satisfaction surveys Target Corporation has featured questions that will help the company to understand your experience better to conclude predictions. The questions are based on Target Corporation’s staff service, experience, cleanliness, product quality, availability of items, the variety of good, price range, store design and pretty much everything that matters. Note that questions are dead simple and wouldn’t long to answer, you just need to answer them the right way as explained. Now coming towards the answering section, just speak your heart out about the experience and be sure to deliver your point efficiently without any partiality as this survey wants to hear the truth. No matter how your experience went with Target Corporation, best or worst, just start typing in the answer and describe it in the most efficient way. Target Corporation will analyze every single feedback from the customers to filter out every single problem that people faced and will try to fix that as soon as possible. Target Corporation listens to every customer so that your shopping experience is worth remembering. At the end of this survey, you’ll get a chance to win a $25 gift card or $1500 gift card to compensate the time spend while you were writing the honest feedback.

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About Target

Target is a large retail store with a chain of outlets across the US, Canada, and Australia. Target has been in business for over 50 and employs more than 6,000 employees in the US alone. With strong market growth, Target is aiming to provide the best value for money service and products to its customers. Have your say in the Informtarget.com customer survey.

During the Panic of 1893, Westminster Presbyterian Church from downtown Minneapolis burned down. The church wasn’t able to be rebuilt as the insurance didn’t cover the financial loss. George Dayton was appealed to buy the empty corner space adjacent to original church that allowed the church to be rebuilt. On the other hand, Dayton builds a six-story building on his empty space corner lot and convinced Reuben Simon Goodfellow company to move its nearest store to this new build six-floor building in 1902. The owner sold the store to Dayton as he took retirement and it was named Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1903 and was later named Dayton Company in 1910. The very first expansion of this company took place when it acquired Minneapolis-based jeweler J.B. Hudson & Son as the store was in a net loss. In 1938, Dayton died and the power shifted to his son Nelson who was now the present of $14 million business. After 12 years Nelson died and the kingdom was taken by his son Donald who replaced the Presbyterian guidelines set by his father and grandfather with a more efficient approach. In the 1950s, Lipman’s department store was acquired by Donald and he started to operate it as a separate division.
One of the workers named John F. Geisse developed the unique concept of upscale discount retailing while he was working for the Dayton Company. Using the teachings of John, the company inaugurated its first Target discount store. More specifically, the store was at 1515 West Country Road B in the Saint Paul suburb of Roseville, Minnesota and Douglas Dayton became its first president. The name originated from the idea of preventing consumers from associating the discount stores with the department store by publicity director Stewart K. Widdess. Three stores were opened within the period of the first year and in 1965 the sales reached $39 million making this store the center of attention for customers. More expansion took place when the parent company acquired the Shreve & Co. and J.E. Caldwell jewelers, Lechmere and Pickwick Book Shops to take the game really far. It wasn’t long until the company went public with its first offering of common stock and built its first distribution center in Minnesota. Dayton Hudson Corporation was brought in to act when Dayton Company merged with the J.L. Hudson Company to reach new heights of success. In 1970s Dayton Hudson Corporation acquired Team Electronics and jewelers C.D. Peacock, Inc and Jessop and Sons that took the sales to $200 million. It wasn’t long until the decrease in profits was noticed due to the rapid pace of expansion with the purchase of Arlan’s department store locations. To be more efficient in the air, the new management team decided to reduce its overstock and only open a new location that year.
Dayton-Hudson was renamed to Target Corporation in January 2000. Around 75-80 percent of sales were generating from Target while the department stores were only used to fuel its growth. Similarly, they also separated e-commerce and retailing division. Next year, stores were repacked under the name of Marshall Field’s. The company later sold Marshall Field’s to May Department Stores in June 2004 to bring in some stability. On Jan 13, 2011, Target announced its first ever expansion into Canada when it purchased 220 stores of chain Zellers that were owned by Hudson’s Bay Company.

A lot went down while building this store and maintaining it. As per 2017, the total revenue of Target calculated around $71.879 billion and net income of $2.934 billion. Years of hard work, consistency, and passion towards being amongst the top United States store has made Target its dream come true. From groceries to house décor this store has a variety of products that exceed expectations and comes easy on the pocket. Every single thing is available in an affordable price range without compromising the quality. Target is trusted by many citizens of the United States to fulfill their expectations in the most affordable way possible.

How To Win A Target www.informtarget.com $1500 Gift Card



Target www.informtarget.com $1500 Gift Card Survey

You will need:

1. A store receipt that is no older than 3 days from date of purchase.
2. A computer and internet accessibility.
3. An email address that you have access to.


1. Type the following web address; www.informtarget.com.
2. Select your choice of language and press ‘Next’.
3. On the next page enter your User ID and Password. This information is printed on your store receipt.
4. Next select the time of day you made your visit.
5. In the new survey there are not as many questions as there was in the older version. It should not take too long to answer the questions and come to the end where you are given the opportunity to enter the $1500 gift card sweepstakes.
6. Enter your contact details and press ‘Submit’.
7. If you are a lucky winner you will be contact by the details you entered when requested.

Useful Links:

Survey page: www.informtarget.com
Target store website: www.target.com
Previous winners list: https://informtarget.com/WINNER_LIST.ASPX
Prizes: $1500 gift card; $25 gift card


It is important when given the opportunity to take part in the Target www.informtarget.com customer survey. The information given gives Target stores the information they require to make their customers’ experiences better when they visit.

Rate Your Experience With Target. Leave Your Comments Below

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35 votes


  1. Judy Doeden says:

    Shopped at the Target store in Mankato, MN yesterday, the young lady who helped us buy a phone, was very nice and seemed to know about the phone. However when I tryed to take your survey, I could not get in, what is the problem? Others seem to have the same problem. Shame on Target.

  2. I shop at Target for every thing. Thank you for know having a lot more food.

  3. Marge Miller says:

    Prices are very reasonable and store is neat and orderly. Very nice and cordial staff.

  4. Everyone in the store in target is very Nice and they are doing a great job… Thanks… Evelyn

  5. Elsa B. Balicoco says:

    excellent customer service,knowledgeable cashier and floor assistants.

  6. I love their organizations and how they make it easy to find what i need and i love their service and help. They are patient, respectful, and caring.

  7. I shop at Target for almost everything. i get my clothes, groceries, and especially the pharmacy. Neal and Brenda are the best. Kate, Katie, and Jenn the girls that work back there always busy and always sweet. Target is my place to go in Spring Hill, Fl.

  8. Wenjie cao says:

    I’m a Chinese girl living in Los Angeles . All of my friends love Target!

  9. Paul Robertson says:

    I went to Target to buy two shelves that were on sale. I was in a rush so I ask one of the associates for help to find these items. She immediately looked on this hand held computer and I followed her to the isle of shelves. I grabbed one of the boxes and found it to be very heavy. I managed to lift the box and get it into the cart. Being a handicapped disabled veteran who lives with rods and screws in my back, I felt the pain so bad that I asked the employee if she could get someone to lift the second box, again she used her little computer to call for help. In minutes another young woman came with a cart and they both loaded the box on the cart and we were on our way to the checkout. These two young women waited as I paid and checked out. Both of them wheeled the carts out the front door as I went to get my car, so I parked in the front and opened the side door. The two women loaded both of the heavy boxes as I grab the bag of wheels for the shelves. I believe I was in and out of the store in about 20 minutes or so. I was impressed with the service provided to me as I drove away I thanked them and thought about this happy experience and I look forward to another visit with Target. What a wonderful store, said by a satisfied customer and again I thank you and want to say: Keep up the good work!

  10. j. gernetzke says:

    Cynthia S. from Novato Target is always very friendly and helpful

  11. Very nice store clean and I like the sales

  12. melitta kirksey says:

    I love walgreens in humble tx. there very nice they greet you when you walk in the store , the store is always clean people are very friendly. merry Christmas to all

  13. john taylor says:

    I tried to enter your 1500 gift card contest. It wont let me get past language at the beginning.

  14. bryon snow says:

    great time shopping had everything in stock . friendly people hugh store cant wait do it again . savings are off the hook.

    • Cashiers are polite and personable. I shop at Target about twice a month and each
      time i GET A DIFFERENT CASHIER and he or she are fast and polite. Wish more stores had employees like Target. Love your store., it is clean everywhere
      and well stocked.

  15. nancy j. miller says:

    Target is my favorite store to shop at, everyone is kind and very helpful, the staff at the pharmacy is great, they never rush you and take time to answer all your questions. Thank you Target.

  16. nancy j. miller says:

    Target is my favorite store to shop at, the staff is very helpful. The pharmacy staff is great and always takes time to answer my questions, you could not ask for better employees. Thank you Target.

  17. I went to target at The Landing and had a horrific experience!! Store employee named Jan gave me lecture because I was scanning 3 items on Cartwheel. Another time she asked my 12 year old niece to bag bottles of wine! Yeah for customer service and breaking the law.

  18. I likeit alot

  19. Patricia Levay says:

    I went to my local Target in Greensburg, Pa recently to buy a wedding shower gift for my niece. One of the employees, Nik H. was very helpful. He helped me with the Registry machine and when the item I wanted to purchase wasn’t on the shelf he called someone and had them bring me one from the back. He even said, “I can ring you up here at the return dept. he was working in that day. He couldn’t have been nicer and made my shopping experience an enjoyable one. I spoke to his supervisor Dave, and expressed my appreciation for the very helpful and efficient service I received from an outstanding employee, Nik H. Thank you very much. My visit to the store was on 10/12/2015.

  20. nice giy!

  21. Amanj Mohammed says:

    Good Staph ,vere good stor

  22. lorraine jager says:

    dear contest i have tried to enter this sweep stake 4 times . you insist on telling me i am 18 years old i a sure you although i would love to turn back my clock some years i have long past the age of 18 so how do i enter your contest ?
    my user id # 7473 6856 1992
    my password is 186 399
    my visit to target was on 09/20/2015 @12:02
    but if i was to take this survey i would like to tell you that the sales staff is always polite cheerful and helpful and i enjoy shopping at my target El Con mall Tucson Az

  23. Tammy Bernard says:

    I like target but I think this stinks I can’t use my receipt for survey my clerk was very good & nice.I think some of the stuff is pricey, but ok.Sometimes it’s hard to find a person to ask questions

  24. Am always a buyer of Target because I have a strong belief that their commodities are in high quality and the price is right. Accomodation is good.

  25. My attendant was polite and respectful, as is the case EVERY TIME I shop. I had only two items, but had to go to three express lanes because customers in the first two obviously more than the 10 item maximum. This sort of thing has happened now and again.

  26. Diane Castano says:

    The casher was very nice and helpful, I found everything I came for, and some were even
    on sale. Good day!

  27. Target is the best!

  28. Arlette Davis says:

    today I went and took my niece to target and bought summer clothes.

  29. Arlette Davis says:

    I took my niece for summer clothes.

  30. Arette Davis says:


  31. Arette Davis says:

    The Target stone on Rodeo road is great and people are nice and very help. I would tell everyone about your store. I go there all the time.

  32. karnik safaryans says:

    I love TARGET, it has very good price, and very very good personels…….

  33. Felicia Jackson says:


  34. Darleen Sanderson says:

    receipt#7485 4998 7992 password030214
    Your service is excellent and the hot dogs, the best.
    The new lady at the front is fantstic and patient. The man mnager is so helpful, the elctronic phone man knows what hes talking about. anddddddddddddd Whitney id so customer service oriented, ,,, they all make it good to shop there. Your website is hard because they have combined it with everyone else….Thanks.

  35. caroline Ativie says:

    Target Survey candide

  36. Betty Wilkins says:

    Missoula’s employee, Fred, a checker is excellent.

  37. Tina Gaines says:

    I always enjoy shopping at Target. The employees are always cheerful and more than anxious to assist me in any way they can. It’s good to see their smiling faces.

  38. Toni Goode says:

    David was a good person to work with. He was vey cordial and polite.

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