www.talktomorrisons.co.uk | Win £500 Morrison’s Vouchers

www.talktomorrisons.co.uk | Win £500 Morrison’s Vouchers

Morrison’s is asking customers to give their valued feedback in the www.talktomorrisons.co.uk customer survey. Customers who complete the survey are given the opportunity to win £500 in Morrison’s vouchers. The survey is designed to allow customers to voice their opinions and give suggestions to Morrison’s on how they did or did not enjoy the Morrison’s supermarket shopping experience.

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About Morrison’s

Morrisons is a leading supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Selling an enormous variety of grocery items as well as clothing, general household products and much more. If there is anything you need for around the home, you are bound to find it at Morrison’s. would you like to win £500 worth of Morrison’s vouchers? Were you happy with the quality of the items you purchased at Morrison’s. Were the staff friendly and courteous? Take part in the talktomorrisons.co.uk survey and you could win £500 in Morrison’s vouchers.

Win £500 www.talktomorrisons.co.uk Vouchers


Morrisons www.talktomorrisons.co.uk Win £500 In Vouchers.

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A Morrison’s store receipt.
3. Be over 18 years of age.


1. Go to the www.talktomorrisons.co.uk survey webpage.
2. Read the cookies statement and if you agree to proceed, click continue.
3. Enter the barcode number, date and time as printed on your store receipt.
4. Proceed to answer each of the survey questions making sure to complete each one before proceeding onto the next question.
5. You may enter more information if required in the spaces provided.
6. when the survey questions are finished you can then enter the draw to win £500 in Morrison’s shopping vouchers.
7. Enter your name, address, phone number and email address to enter the draw.

Useful links:

Morrison’s website: www.morrisons.co.uk
Morrison’s survey page:
Survey rules: https://www.talktomorrisons.co.uk/PContent.aspx?Page=Rules&c=255313


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Providing your feedback in the www.talktomorrisons.co.uk survey is a great way to give praise to a certain staff member or if a particular store has impressed you with their quality seafood section. Maybe you weren’t happy with the shopping trolleys? Let Morrison’s know in the Talk To Morrison’s survey.

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