www.tell99.com | 99 Cents Only Stores Customer Experience Survey & 100 Gift Card

If you’re a frequent 99 cent only store customer then time to visit www.tell99.com is now! It’s a perfect place to tell the management about their performance. Whether it is a praise or something negative – the store management welcomes it all. The company wants your honest and candid feedback. The main idea behind this is to better the overall store experience. As a token of appreciation, all customers will enter to win a surprise $100 gift card from 99 cents only store.

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Here at 99 Cents Only Stores, the owner aims that every customer should enjoy the services at this store. Furthermore, the company wants you to point out the lacking, give personal suggestions and provide honest feedback about your visit to 99 Cents Only Stores. The company wants to gather customers feedback so they can improve and provide what’s demanded the most. No matter which branch you visited, 99 Cents Only Stores wants you to share your thoughts about your experience so they can serve you better in the future.

99 Cents Only Stores always wanted to get connected with the customers so both parties can listen and have their say. Most companies don’t hear out the customers that result in an adverse situation for all. The sole aim of this customer satisfaction survey is to create a bond and link between customers and the company. This two-way communication system opens a great world for both the customers and the company making everyone happy. Furthermore, this connection gives both parties a chance to express their opinion and reach a conclusion to every dispute or problem. Similarly, it creates a family-like environment where everyone is connected heart to heart excluding out all the problems.

Customer satisfaction survey makes it easy for 99 Cents Only Stores to actually bring out customer’s opinion that what they actually want or not. This survey aims at collecting your precious feedback so they can analyze and bring the needed changes. Here at 99 Cents Only Stores, every single customer is like a family member whose say is worth in the circle. 99 Cents Only Stores takes every customer’s perspective into consideration as they want to make all consumers feel at home. Similarly, after recording everyone’s Feedback Company can easily bring the required changes to make the customer experience better. This leads to loyal customers as everyone knows that the company isn’t running just another business but also valuing their consumer’s say.

Now moving on towards the survey’s pattern, this survey doesn’t follow the typical hard pattern but a user-friendly order so you can easily follow along. Experienced and sensible web developers are hired by 99 Cents Only Stores to maintain this survey website for making sure that you can easily provide your honest feedback. Unlike other surveys, the website is designed neatly that helps you to follow along without any complications. 99 Cents Only Stores survey’s website is designed keeping that makes your survey solving experience is better and efficient. In every survey section, you are guided by short snippets that help you to solve without getting into any complication and confusions. So you just have to follow the guidelines for solving the survey without getting into any problem.

Don’t wait for too long as this survey can get closed anytime. Dig in your opportunity to win a $100 gift card by visiting the link, entering the required details and answering the questions.

About 99 Cents Only Stores

99 cent only store is an American retailer chain. When the store started its operations, all items were sold at 99 cents (or less). This was the main reason for its popularity. However, these days you will find most products at the same price tag but the shop also has begun to sell higher priced items. It was founded by David Gold in 1969. Are you wondering where are 99 cent stores? Well, the majority of these are found in California, with a few in Arizona, and Texas as well.

How To Win $100 Gift Card in 99 Cents Only Store Survey www.tell99.com


You will require the following:

  1. Internet access is a must. You either need a PC or a handheld Internet Device to take part in the survey.
  2. Barcode number found on the receipt.
  3. Name of the employee/team member at 99 cents only store.
  4. You must also be able to read and understand either Spanish or English.
  5. You must be able to recall your last experience at 99 cents only store.
  6. You must have the ability to write in plain English or Spanish so the reader can easily understand your feedback.
  7. Javascript enabled browser.
  8. You must be over 18 years old to take this survey.
  9. You’ll just need a few minutes to take this survey.
  10. Note that you must be able to write your true experience at this store being a neutral person.
  11. Basic information like Email Address, Team Member, Visit Date, Visit Time etc.


  1. To enter the survey, visit www.tell99.com.
  2. Enter the date, time, barcode number and name of the team member found on the receipt and hit “take part” button to begin the survey.
  3. We recommend you to recall the exact experience you had at the store.
  4. Try to remain honest throughout the survey
  5. Enter the information correctly as, without it, you won’t be able to start the survey. Everything you need is printed on the receipt.
  6. You might be asked to share personal information.
  7. Those willing to take the survey in Spanish might be redirected to another page.

Useful Links

99 Cents Only Stores survey rules: https://secure.sharedinsight.com/survey/rules.php?sid=963&?lng=en
99 Cents Only Stores survey website: www.tell99.com
99 Cents Only Stores official website: http://99only.com/

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The customer satisfaction survey (tell99) at 99 cent only stores is a perfect way to express how you felt in order to better the overall store experience in the future and also win $100 gift card. All you have to do is visit the survey page, fill in some details and begin the survey. It is a well-structured series of questions, which hardly takes 10 minutes to complete.

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