www.tellaldi.com | Tell Aldi Customer £100 Vouchers Survey Sweepstakes

www.tellaldi.com | Tell Aldi Customer £100 Vouchers Survey Sweepstakes

Aldi is inviting customers who have recently made a purchase at their stores to take part in the www.tellaldi.com and give their opinion on their products, the condition of the store and the level of customer service they received. Customers who have received an invitation to take part in the tellaldi.com survey will be given the opportunity at the end of the survey to enter the Tell Aldi sweepstakes to win a £100 voucher each month.

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About Aldi

ALDI stores were first started by a woman named Anna Albrecht who opened her first store in Essen, Germany in 1914. The highly popular supermarket chain is an acronym for the words Albrecht Discount.  The name was later abbreviated to ALDI in 1962. The store has grown immensely with more than 4,000 stores in existence wordlwide. The self-serve style of store offers a wide variety of goods and products from wine and beer to fruit and vegetable as well as furniture and electrical devices.

How To Win www.tellaldi.com £100 Voucher Survey Sweepstakes


You will need:

1. You need a receipt from a recent purchase made at an Aldi store.
2. To be 18 years or older.
3. A computer or smartphone.
4. Internet access.
5. An email account.


1. Go to www.tellaldi.com  using your computer or smartphone.
2. Select your language.
3. Enter the Survey Code located on your receipt and time of your visit.
3. Answer the survey questions by recalling back to your visit to an Aldi store. Did you feel you served quickly and efficiently? Did you find what you were looking for easily? Were the products fresh? These are some of the questions that you may be asked. Rate your answers according to your experience.
4. Once the survey questions are completed you can enter your contact details to be in the draw to win a £100 voucher in the monthly sweepstakes draw.

Useful links:

Aldi Survey sweepstakes page: www.tellaldi.com
Aldi official website: www.aldi.com


The Aldi £100 Voucher Survey Sweepstakes located at www.tellaldi.com is the best way for customers to express how they felt about their recent visit and purchase at an Aldi store. At the end of the survey, customers can choose to enter the sweepstakes to win a £100 voucher which can be used to purchase anything they wish in an Aldi store.

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