www.tescoviews.ie | Win £1000 Gift Card Or 25 Clubcard Points Tesco Survey

Tesco is generously offering a £1000 Gift Card Or 25 Clubcard Points to customers who take part in the www.tescoviews.ie survey. The Tesco Views survey is taken online at tescoviews.ie and can be completed in around 5 minutes. You can even do the Tesco survey instore on your mobile phone. Once the survey is completed, customers are given an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a £1000 Gift Card Or 25 Clubcard Points.

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About Tesco:

Tesco, a British multicultural grocery and general merchandise retailer, was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. Originally it was a group of market stores that over the years has expanded to being within the fifth largest retailers in the world. Having stores in 12 countries across Asia and Europe – including Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand. Tesco has devised a way that their patrons can give feedback about their local store and its workers, thus improving the Tesco standard.

How To Win A £1,000 Tesco Gift Card And Collect 25 Clubcard Points In The www.tescoviews.ie Survey

 You will need:  

  1. A computer or a mobile device with internet connection.
  2. A recent Tesco receipt.
  3. 18 years of age or older.
  4. Have a valid email address



  1. Go to the www.tescoviews.ie website
  2. Enter the four digit code found on your store receipt.
  3. Enter the survey.
  4. Complete all questions asked.
  5. Last stage, enter your contact details including Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Club card Number.


Useful Links:
Tesco Cafe Survey Website: www.tescoviews.ie


By participating in this short tescoviews.ie survey you are lending your voice to the people at Tesco so they can further better your next experience within your local store. In doing so you will go in the running for a £1,000 Tesco gift card and collect 25 Club card Points.


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  1. Mary Bailey says:

    I would like to add my protest to those already registered, regarding Tesco asking me to take a survey on a website that doesn’t exist. I am not encouraged to go to a Tesco cafe again, as no doubt the cost of the promotion will be added to the bills of those using the cafe, and the rewards offered aren’t being supplied. I suspect that may even count as fraud.

  2. Kevin lloyd says:

    Not only could we not get on the survey we went to Tesco dukes green for breakfast we can ordered at 11.14 am and received our breakfast at 11.43 am of all the times we have eaten here this was the worst experience we’ve had not sure we would eat there again in a hurry

  3. cant get in to the survey something wrong with the site

  4. Hi had extreme difficulty finding the right place to enter the survey. However, I take my elderly Mother to the cafe at Leyland regularly everybSunday. She has Alzhiemers and has some obvious issues. However, the staff have been so kind and polite, offering extra help and without being patronising. My Mim and I always enjoy our visits. It gives Mum the opportunity to see life and people watch as she is unfortunately in a nursing home. We will continue to use the cafe as it is a very understanding and relaxed environment to be in . Thank you very much from me and Mum

  5. Just wanted to flag good service from Edyta in the cafe at St Rollox store in Glasgow but couldn’t access the survey. Poor show Tesco.

  6. I will never visit the cafe at Tesco salisbury again I would call it moderately busy in there were several free tables although most were still holding used crocks we ordered and paid for our food and drinks we then waited in the que of 2 people for 15 mins for our drinks then sat down and the wait began we had finished our drinks and waited a further 5 mins still no food my partner after a 30 min wait decided he was waiting no longer and asked for a refund which there was no quibble over we replaced the few items we already had in our trolly (clothing) didn’t bother with our weekly shop and went to Sainsbury instead

  7. I have tried to get onto the comments website using , and Chrome, none of which can find it. Is this a hoax?

  8. How many O-levels do you need to get into the survey? I cannot get any sense out of the site

  9. David Hasrris says:

    How the hell do you enter the survey?I’ve tried for 15 minutes to get to that and have now given up.Tesco need a kick up the ass for this joke.They obviously do not intend anyone to win £1000 .

  10. ian vipond says:

    i go to my local tesco store in consett co durham 3or 4 times each week and i find the staff both pollit and very helpfull i cannot praze them more highly

  11. Sandra Wallace says:

    Tried to enter the cafe survey and its impossible to do this. Why have you made it so difficult to follow. Really not happy with this at all.

  12. Try to enter the survey couldn’t get in disappointing shopped at tescos for 50 years try other shops but always go back to tesco it’s like an old friend

  13. David Caunt says:

    Exactly the same problem, shame on you Tesco, tried this several times.
    If anyone comes up with an explanation please let us all know!!!!!

  14. Richard Satterthwaite says:

    I would like to comment about Tesco surveys. I cannot enter the £1000 draw plus the 25 Clubcard points as told on the gift card. It Will not let me enter. You need to make it more ease to enter.


    • Lynda Matthews says:

      have continuously tried to access survey but like other customers before me failed.Tesco please don’t ask for feedback if customers who try to access site are unable.This is not acceptable.Staff at Tesco Dacre Hill Rock Ferry Wirral especially Nathan who didn’t need asking to help me load heavy box into my trolley,and also took me through check out and lifted box into my car.What a credit to your store.Well Done Tesco .Well Done Nathan you deserve singling out for praise

  16. Joanita says:

    Total rubbish, I’m entering the 4 digits and clicking on ‘enter survey’ several times and won’t work. It’s not worth shopping there anymore anyway, we don’t get the cents off for petrol anymore, no more cash off when you spend a few bobs. Lidl, Aldi, Supervalu all the way…

  17. Rubbish! Despite following all instructions I couldn’t get onto the survey.

  18. given a card at till at Tesco for chance to. Win €250 gift card and do a short survey. Put in the digits as requested and.it said digits not valid. Very frustrating.

  19. Banwo Eniola says:

    Find the store helpful gat much stuff to purchase. Thanks to the director and manager.

  20. Yvette Rendell says:

    I am having similar problems. But I want to praise and thank a lovely lady at your Gallows Corner store Romford area called Denise…none food. She was so helpful and went the extra mile to help me. Very kind and warm personality…a great asset to Tesco. Brilliant store too…my daughter and I often shop there when visiting as we live in Islington. Great sevice abd great staff.

  21. Disappointed with such a large store , to advertise free club card point, and a chance of winning 1000. I have tried several times with no results, site does not exist. People should be offered a free gift for the disappointment caused. Lots of people commenting on this issue.

  22. same here,cant even find the login page,as useful as a chocolate fireguard

  23. David Hasrris says:

    Very disappointed with Tesco stores at Stow on the wold,no cava demisec on Thurs 27 April and Abingdon likewise on Fri 28 April.What is going on??I tried to fill out the customer survey,as shown on the bottom of the till receipt,but each time I got yto the end of the survey the site froze and would not let me enter the info.NOT IMPRESSED.

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