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United Superstores is one of the biggest chains of stores in the USA and their guest satisfaction survey at www.theunitedfamily.com/survey (also called United supermarkets survey) is one of the most appreciated by customers. The company has more than 60 stores operating under the umbrella of Market Streets, United Supermarkets, United Express and Amigos. If you have visited any of the mentioned stores recently, you may want to take the United streetside survey and enter to win $100 gift card.

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About United Supermarkets

United Supermarkets is a grocery store chain operating in the North America. It’s headquartered in Texas and started operation way back in 1916 with a single store. Today, the chain employs more than 10,000 workers and more than 60 stores in 30 different cities. At United grocery Amarillo, the management team is always trying to make their practices better and thus want their customers to take part in United Supermarkets survey. Read on for more info…

How To Win $100 Gift Card In United Supermarkets Survey www.theunitedfamily.com/survey


You will require the following:

  1. Working internet and an internet enabled device.
  2. Recent receipt of United.
  3. Information like date and time of shopping, cashier’s name, transaction number, etc – all of this can be found on the receipt.
  4. The information on your receipt can be used only one time.
  5. A working email address.
  6. Ability to understand English language.
  7. Ability to recall the last experience at United streetside.


  1. Go to www.theunitedfamily.com/survey
  2. Enter all the details on your receipt.
  3. Make sure that the receipt is not older than 15 days. If it is, the survey won’t work.
  4. All the details should be correct.
  5. Javascript must be enabled on your browser for the survey to work.
  6. At the end of the survey, you will be required to enter your personal information for the sweepstake.
  7. Once done, click “Submit Survey”

Useful Links:

United Supermarkets survey rules: https://www2.iccds.com/CSAT/AL/Surveys/AL5/legalUnited.pdf
United Supermarkets survey URL: www.theunitedfamily.com/survey
Official website: http://www.unitedtexas.com/


www.theunitedfamily.com/survey is the place where you can say all about your experience at United Supermarkets. The survey hardy takes 5 minutes to complete and at the end, you can enter the sweepstake to win a surprise $100 gift card from the store. Through your honest and candid feedback Shop streetside experience can be made even better.

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  1. Mo Brown says:

    First your survey won’t accept the information given on the sales ticket regarding the store number, which today makes another strike against Albertsons. This is not the first time I’ve attempted to purchase an item at Albertsons in Roswell, NM and the price that rings up is different from the price on the shelf. Today a supervisor went back to check, returned with an item similar but not the same-stating it was the one listed as the close out item. While I searched when purchasing the item, there were 3 different hanging displays with the close out price on them, holding several packets of the item. I chose the color selection I wanted. All displays clearly marked with $1.99 close out as long as supplies last. When the cashier went to check on the cost,she stated she only looked at the top section. I explained I took the item from the bottom selection, and that’s when the supervisor went back to check and returned with the different item stating these were the ones on close out. Interesting that the item she returned with was the one on the top marked for the $1.99. Since this isn’t my first go around with this issue, I now have a lack of trust in Albertsons and the result is it is no longer my main source of shopping. Other stores may be higher but they are honest. And honestly is a big deal for me. I was a loyal shopper of Safeway since the mid 1990’s and continued on with Albertsons when they took over the Safeway stores. You lost me as a customer.

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