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Walgreens is offering customers the opportunity to take part in the www.wagcares.com customer feedback survey. On completion of the survey, which involves answering a few very easy questions, customers are offered the chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000.

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We all know that Walgreens is a well reputed retail store that is renowned by the majority of people. Walgreens wanted to connect with their customers so that the store can have every single feedback that will help it to grow. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of any retail store as they are the one who runs the wheel of every business. Keeping every single factor in mind, Walgreens created this survey so that it can collect the feedback on what customers have to say about their experience with the store.

As they say, that customer is always right, Walgreens wants to hear from every customer so they can use the feedback to be even better. The survey consists of a variety of easy questions that you have to answer correctly as per your experience to make your next experience with Walgreens even better. Just go to the survey link, answer all the questions as per your knowledge so that your feedback can be utilized to make Walgreens better than ever. It’s not the end as after submitting your feedback you’ll enter a lucky draw for winning $3000, amazing isn’t it? Fire up the link, answer some quick questions and get a chance to win the cash prize of $3000.

About Walgreens

Walgreens is the largest drug store chain in the United States with more than 8,000 stores nationwide. Walgreens provides pharmaceutical products as well as a photo studio and other health and wellness services. Founded in 1901 by Charles Walgreen on Chicago’s south side, Walgreens grew rapidly due to the alcohol prohibition period in the 1920’s to become the successful retail chain that it is today.


It all began in 1901 when Charles R. Walgreen opened a drug store near the corner of Bowen Ave and Cottage Grove in Chicago. People were so impressed by the service that by 1913 Walgreens grew to four stores on Chicago’s south side. The hype still didn’t end and by 1916 it opened 5 more stores and who would have known that one day this would spread in the whole United States. By the end of 1919, there were 20 stores of Walgreens as alcohol prohibition was making its way giving this drug store a successful reign.


In the mid-1920s there were a total of 44 stores with annual sales of $1,200,000 as company introduce a malted milkshake in 1922 which led to bringing customers all around from the United States. Are you tracking the store growth as by 1930 the chain had 397 stores with annual sales of US $4,000,000? The main reason behind such rapid growth was that Walgreens was selling whiskey stocked under the counter making people go crazy as alcohol wasn’t easily available. It was all good until 1939 as the store was in 30 states with 601 stores until Charles Walgreen, Sr. died and his son took over. Although this reign boosted the annual figures, it lacked the massive expansion that took place in early times. In the 1950s, Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Retired and his son Charles “Cork” R. Walgreen III took over the company and brought the revolution. Charles “Cork” R. brought in the barcode scanning technology that took everyone by a huge surprise. After Charles “Cork” R. retirement Walgreen family wasn’t involved in the senior management of the company but they gained strength in 1986. Walgreens took over MediMart chain from Stop & Shop in 1986 to expand its roots even further. After this, Kevin P. Walgreen was made vice-president in 1995 and later was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President.

On July 2006, David Bernauer resigned as CEO of Walgreens and Jeff Rein took the position. Jeff Rein was the worthy man to take the position as he completed accounting and the pharmacy degree from the University of Arizona. Moreover, he was a store manager, district manager, and pharmacist that made him righteous for the position of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Rein stepped down on October 10, 2008, and was replaced by Alan G. McNally as Chairman and active CEO. It wasn’t long that on January 26, 2009, Gregory Wasson was named CEO of the company.


Hands down to the popular malted milkshake by Walgreens, this contribution is worth giving credit to the company. Although milkshakes and malted milk were around for some time before, Walgreens absolutely revolutionized the whole game. Fun fact: Development of malted milkshake coincided with electric blender’s invention in the same year.

Walgreens filed the lawsuit against the Wegman’s supermarket chain, claiming that “W” in their logo is similar to Walgreen’s symbol. Wegman’s agreed to discontinue use of its “W” logo by June 2012.

Store Model

Back in the days, Walgreens stores were joined with local groceries but it didn’t take them long to change the whole criteria. Walgreens implemented on the idea of dual store format brought into the act by chief competitor Jewel-Osco. In Chicago, they teamed up with Dominick’s Finer Foods and Eagle Food Centres usually with a walkthrough to join stores and share personnel. Later on, Walgreens ended the long-lasting relation with Eagle Food Centres and focused on Dominick’s Finer Foods for company’s own well.

In 2009 the business model of Walgreens store changed the game plan and switched to freestanding corner stores. Moreover, this idea included entrances on the street with top traffic flow so that customers can shop with ease. With drive-through pharmacy and ample of space, Walgreens evolved into a state of the art corner drugstore. Walgreens was amongst the top superior drug stores in the United States of America that excelled the service and provide a wide range of drugs.

Talking about managing the store, every store management team had a manager with at least one assistant manager to look over every single worker so that years of trust and consistency doesn’t voids.

117 years of experience and trust doesn’t come easy when you have other competitors lurking around. Walgreens has around 8175 stores in the United States and thousands of workers that are dedicated to providing customers with excellent service. Charles Rudolph Walgreen would be proud that the chain is still alive and beating other competitors to gain the faith of every customer that wants that wants perfection.

Before we get started with walgreens survey, let’s watch this informative video first.

How To Win $3000 In The Walgreens www.wagcares.com Survey


Walgreens www.wagcares.com Survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer that is capable of accessing the internet.
2. Possess a recent Walgreens store receipt with an invitation to take part in the survey printed on it.
3. Be 18 years of age or older.
4. Able to read and write English or Spanish.


1. Visit www.wagcares.com on your computer or smartphone.
2. Choose English or Spanish as your choice of language.
3. If you look on your store receipt you will see a survey number that is 11 digits long. Enter this in the space provided.
4. Also on the store receipt is a password, enter this in the space provided as well.
5. Then click ‘Take Survey’.
6. On the next page is some information regarding the www.wagcares.com survey. Take the time to read this information and then proceed forward by clicking ‘Next’.
7. Over the following pages you will be asked a range of questions about your experience at a Walgreens store. You will be asked to answer these questions on a scale of 1 to 9.
8. You will be asked to answer if you would refer Walgreens to your family and friends. Mark this on a scale of 1 to 9 also.
9. Other questions you will be asked will be “what was the purpose of your visit to Walgreens?” and “did you find what you were looking for?”
10. You will also be asked some questions about the item you went to Walgreens to buy. Answer the questions explaining if you were happy or not with the product or service.
11. Some other questions will include “were you greeted in a friendly manner upon entering the store?” and if the checkout process was quick and easy.
12. Finally, when the survey is over you will be given the option of entering the monthly sweepstakes. Submit you name, address and telephone number.

Helpful Links

Official Survey Page: Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey at www.wagcares.com.
Survey Rules: http://www.mshare.net/imagegrounds/grounds/walgreens/CSAT_PROMOTION_RULES_COUPON.pdf

Postal Entry

To enter the www.wagcares.com survey for post send a ‘3×5? postcard with your name, postal address, email address and telephone number to: Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 9681, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-9681.

Telephone Entry

To enter via the telephone call either of the following numbers:

1. 1800-763-0547
2. 1800-658-1584.


Once you have completed the survey and you have chosen to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000 in the www.wagcares.com customer survey it is very important that you enter you correct name, address and telephone number. This information is used to contact you in the event that you are a lucky winner.

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