www.talktogelsons.smg.com | Gelson’s Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

The Gelson’s Survey can be taken at www.talktogelsons.smg.com. This is where you can say all about your experience at the store and be heard. The management of the company takes your feedback seriously and always tries to frame their services as per your needs and wants. The Gelson’s survey is created and run by smg – service management […]

www.hotdog.smg.com | Wienerschnitzel Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

The Wienerschnitzel survey at www.hotdog.smg.com is the place where you can say it all about the Wienerschnitzel. Whether it is good or back the management of the company will take it as a chance to improve.The survey consists of a few small questions and at the end gives customers a chance to win a surprise gift. For […]

www.tellpdq.smg.com | PDQ Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

Customers can now visit www.tellpdq.smg.com, the official PDQ survey, help the company with their feedback and get a chance to win a surprise gift at the end. PDQ gives great importance to customers and always try to shape their services as per the wishes of their customers. The Tell PDQ survey is one such initiative from the […]

www.super1foodsfeedback.smg.com | Super One Foods Survey – Win a Surprise Gift

To give your feedback, visit the official super one foods survey link at www.super1foodsfeedback.smg.com and say it all out. The management of the store is keen to hear from you as they try to develop the most customer-centered experience at super one foods. The survey is short and hardly takes a few minutes to complete. At […]