www.surveysdm.com | Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. Survey – Win $1,000

The Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. survey welcomes its customers to www.surveysdm.com. A place where you can give your honest and candid feedback about the store and get a chance to win $1,000. The survey consists of few simple questions and will hardly take 5 minutes to complete. About Shoppers Drug Mart Corp: The Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. was … Read morewww.surveysdm.com | Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. Survey – Win $1,000

www.surveysdm.com | Win A Shoppers $5000 Gift Card Survey


Shoppers Drug Mart is inviting customers to take part in the www.surveysdm.com online survey to help them better improve their services and range of consumer products. The survey is designed to assess the needs of the customer against their current performance and make changes as necessary. Shoppers Drug Mart focuses on providing customers with quality … Read morewww.surveysdm.com | Win A Shoppers $5000 Gift Card Survey

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